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  1. FTb-n

    Anyone know of software to find blurry images?

    My post processing starts with Photo Mechanic to quickly find the good stuff for Lightroom to process. But, some shoots can include several thousand images and I'm looking for a faster way to weed out the bad, out of focus images. Does anyone know of software that can analyze Canon raw files...
  2. FTb-n

    Two 1Dx II bodies, two different colors

    I recently did a photo shoot using two 1Dx II bodies, one with a 24-70 2.8L II and the second with a 70-200 2.8L II. To my surprise, the two bodies produced two different colors which gave my some problems in post getting them to match up. Lighting was the same (I was switching between the...
  3. FTb-n

    Capture One for events and sports?

    Is the grass greener with Capture One (so to speak)? I shoot a lot of kids sports and various events where I process 100-200 photos at a time. My current workflow involves Photo Mechanic for culling, then drag-n-dropping the selected images into Lightroom 6 for post work. But, I'm reading...
  4. FTb-n

    Canon RAW Codec for Windows 10

    Has anyone found a Canon RAW Codec for Windows 10?
  5. FTb-n

    How to verify the integrity of thousands of CR2 files

    Anyone know of software that can scan a directory (and sub-directories) of CR2 files to verify file integrity? After downloading images to my computer, I back them up to two external drives then spot check the folders to make sure all is well. Then, I run through the photos in Photo Mechanic...
  6. FTb-n

    Photoflex Closes Doors

    It appears that Photoflex abruptly closed its doors ( I know it's April 1, but this doesn't seem to be something to joke about.
  7. FTb-n

    Import 1Dx worth the risk?

    I'm finding the recent 1Dx price drops to be very tempting, especially on imports from places like GetItDigital. CanonPriceWatch currently shows a low price of $4500 for apparent import models and the best authorized dealer price (via the CPW Street Price) is $5400. Is it worth the $900 to...
  8. FTb-n

    What is that dot on the 5D3?

    What is that dot on the grip of most EOS bodies where the second finger rests? See the photo below. It's on bodies from the SL1 up through the new 5D's. It's even on my old XT. But, I don't see it on the low end models.
  9. FTb-n

    On Camera Flash Diffusers For Fill

    Do you diffuse your flash when using it on camera for fill? I rarely shoot with on camera flash and would mostly do so for fill. I'm currently using two different DIY foam diffusers (pictured below). The short one is used frequently off camera to bounce light off ceilings and walls. The...
  10. FTb-n

    Backup to Blu-ray

    Anyone writing images to Blu-ray discs as part of you backup strategy? If so, which size disc? I currently backup to multiple external hard drives. Previously, before 25+MB RAW images, I also burned images to DVD. A couple years ago I started burning to 25 GB Blu-ray, but I've fallen behind...
  11. FTb-n

    How do you nail your exposure when shooting sports?

    I often look at exif data of sports shots (when available) and am surprised at how many sport shooters use an auto exposure mode. Av or Tv seem most common. It isn't that I expect "real photographers only shoot manual". It's how they get reliable results from an auto mode that surprises me...
  12. FTb-n

    Portrait-specific post processing software

    Anyone use portrait-specific post processing software that you can recommend -- or warn against purchasing? I don't have Photoshop and only use Lightroom 5. For the most part, this has met all my needs. But, what do you use for portraits of students who have more than a mild amount of...
  13. FTb-n

    Getting the right exposure for outdoor sports

    I mostly shoot indoor sports where lighting tends to be consistent and getting the correct exposure is fairly easy. But, I occasionally shoot soccer and cross country where cloud cover can change the light quickly and players can sometimes be in the sun, sometimes in the shade. I could use...
  14. FTb-n

    Anyone use 3rd party presets for Lightroom 5?

    I'm looking for ways to streamline my workflow and improve the results that I get from Lightroom 5. Most of what I shoot are indoor sports (basketball, figure skating) and events (people candids) with a touch of landscapes. Has anyone had success with third-party presets for Lightroom 5? Are...
  15. FTb-n

    How do you insure your gear?

    As a victim of Gear Acquisition Syndrome, my investment has grown significantly over the past few years. Most of what I shoot is volunteer work for my kids' school and a local figure skating club. But now, I'm starting to take on private clients on a very occasional basis. I may be...
  16. FTb-n

    EF 24-70 f2.8L II Shutter Speeds

    Long ago, before IS lenses, I developed good habits for holding a 35 steady. I had too, since I was always pushing the limits of ASA 400 Tri-X and using relatively slow shutter speeds for candids. But, with a DSLR, I've grown quite accustomed to using IS lenses. For the past two years, the...
  17. FTb-n

    Do you top your pancake with a filter?

    I use clear Hoya HD filters on all my lenses with large front elements like the 24-105 f4 and the 70-200 f2.8 II. I also use hoods on these lenses that help keep things away from the filters. But, I don't use a filter on the old 35 f2.0, which has a relatively small, deeply seated front...
  18. FTb-n

    How do you store and archive your images?

    With my XT and various PowerShots, my backup strategy involved a 500 GB external drive and burning DVD's. With a 60D and 7D, I've had to up the capacity quite a bit. Now it's two 1.5 TB external drives and burning BluRays (25 GB per disc). On the external drives, which I manually mirror, I...
  19. FTb-n

    7D or 5D3 for low light candids?

    All the discussion in this forum about the 5D3 in low light has me intrigued. I'm particularly interested in a 5D3 w/24-105 f4L IS as an upgrade path for a 7D w/17-55 f2.8 IS. (For low light candids, I'm often shooting at 1/30 second and find IS to be a must.) I know that the 5D3 offers...
  20. FTb-n

    Anybody Tweaking Picture Styles in a 7D?

    Does anyone tweak the Picture Style settings in your 7D? I shoot primarily sports and candids -- people pics of one sort or another. Sometimes I'm looking for a little more saturation and detail, a little extra "pop". My most used lens is the 70-200 f2.8L II with the 17-55 2.8 for close...