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    The next EOS R system camera gets a mention again [CR1]

    Hmm, a reverse Brazilian in slo-mo. Ouch?!?!
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    The upcoming RF mount wide angle f/2.8L zoom will be wider than 16mm [CR2]

    Although both would be interesting to shoot in my real estate photography business, my guess is that my most used focal lengths (16-20) would remain the same.
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    Using an iPAD and external drive for travel

    You might-could use that iPad Pro and a Gnarbox or LaCie. I have both, and are used for different types of shooting/downloading/editing. The Gnarbox is good because I can download image files to it, then do immediate editing on my phone or iPad. On a trip to Disney back in March, I did a quick...
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    Upgrade to 5D Mark IV or Cheaper Cam for a Wedding Photographer?

    I learned this the hard way on a recent job, where my 4k videos were cutting off @ 3-4 seconds in camera (it made back end editing easier in a way). It turns out from my phone call to CPS on the way home from the shoot was that the SD card I thought was fast enough wasn't. I had to upgrade from...