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    How many ppi is good enough for a 15in screen?

    I've been using imac for about 4-5 years. Absolutely love the OS. It never crashed. However, when considering upgrading to a faster computer I've reached the conclusion that I'd be better off with a PC with good specs. I don't like bringing extra adapters and SD card reader. I think Macbook...
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    New Lee Grad Filters (Medium Vs. Hard)

    Currently I have one 3 stop soft grad. What should my next investment be? Last time I checked Lee's website there's only soft and hard grad filters. But there are now medium and very hard grads too. I pretty much ruled out very hard grad already as it seems too limiting. I'm thinking of choosing...
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    Maybe we really can't have it all...

    I had my M3 until last month when I got an 80D. The M3 was sufficient for my use in many ways but it's just too slow to operate and the grip is so small that sometimes I felt like I was having hand joint pain. But it had one huge advantage that I now miss so sorely--its size and weight. I used...
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    Canon product release

    One thing I don't understand about Canon new product release is why there's such a long duration between an announcement and actual stock availability in store. If a product is available in June, why not just announce in June? Wouldn't you think from a business perspective that when an...
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    70-200f4is vs 70-300L

    I've used 70-300L for over a year. Great IQ indeed. Just a couple of things i don't like. It's a bit heavy on a mk3 for travel, compared to what i had previously (6d+70-200f4). Half kilogram is quite noticeable especially on a hike. I also prefer non extending design of the 70-200f4 IS. I also...
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    A small but useful discovery on the M3

    This may be public knowledge, but I only discovered it accidentally today. I realized that on M3 if I use an IR remote (the tiny $7 ones) to trigger, it'd keep shooting until I press the IR remote a second time. Has this happened to you? You set up a tripod at a landmark in the background...
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    Your preferred shipping carrier

    I was reading on the news that of the photo gear lost in 2015, 5% is due to postal theft. I've been using usps forever and never had a lost package. I'm curious what carrier you guys usually use when you ship your gear for repair or for sale. And is there any evidence that one carrier is more...
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    The Canon Brand Still Means Something

    My coworker wants to buy a dslr for his wife. Both of them have close to no experience in photography. My recommendation was sony a6000. The response was that he wants either Canon or Nikon. I named certain cool things about the a6000 but he still insists that he prefers these two brands. In the...
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    Quick Lightroom question. Help please!

    If I have a picture taken both in raw and jpeg and then import it into LR, how do I access and edit the jpeg file? The raw file shows up by default and I can't find a way to open the jpeg file. I don't usually shoot jpeg, but I'm doing it this time for specific reason.
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    Breakthrough ND filter??

    I've been using Lee big stopper a while. Got tired of bringing bulky filter holder and am now considering a screw on filter instead. My research has led me to two candidates: b+w or breakthrough x3. I have more faith in b+w but breakthrough as a new startup seems to be getting some good reviews...
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    Gorillapod vs clamp

    I'm researching for some kind of stabilization method to hold my M3, and 5dmk3+16-35f4. A normal tripod is not practical for this particular travel coming up in summer. Purpose is to do cityscape, landscape, long exposure, family picture. My idea so far is to either get a gorillapod focus...
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    Didn't think it'd happen to me until it did.

    Sometimes when I heard people talk about dropping a lens, I just assumed they probably got clumsy hands. Well, it happened to me today. I was taking out my 100L (in a Lowepro lens case) and it slipped out of my hand. I wasn't nervous at all after it happened. Hey, it's in a lens case, so what's...
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    LR6/CC supports M3

    For the past few weeks, I've been using DPP since LR5 didn't support M3. I'm very happy to say that LR6 works perfectly on my imac and finally I don't have to use DPP. Hope it helps those who also have M3.
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    This is aMazing!

    The 5Dmk3 shoots so fast like a machine gun!! (Compared to my 6D) First time ever I'm able to take pictures of my 2 year old running toward me. OMG, I can't imagine shooting with 7dmk2. I always know the 5D would be faster, but this fast? And thank God the grip is bigger. It fits so much better...
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    What's keeping IS from going beyond 4 stops compensation?

    I'm not an engineer and I know little about how IS works. Just curious why the best IS can offer about 4 stops compensation and not more. 4 stops is nice but why can't it improve further?
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    How come so many camera stores in NY? Please recommend one outside of NY

    I tried to submit request for group purchase on canonpricewatch but I will be charged state sales tax because I live in NY. Then I look more closely and it seems that most major camera shops are in NY. Why is that? And does anyone know of any good stores that are outside of NY? I only know...
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    How to protect gear from fine sand?

    I'll be visiting Antelope Canyon in Arizona in the summer. I've heard that the red sand is so fine that it gets in the lens very easily. For those who visited Utah and Az, any suggestions for protection? I wonder if a clear plastic bag would be enough to keep the sand out. Thanks in advance.
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    Grand Canyon, North or South Rim?

    I'm not sure if I should post in this section. Here's my question and request. I've been to South Rim before and am considering the North Rim this year, but it seems that there are not many facilities available. For people who have been to both, is the north side worth it? Which side in your...
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    what external hard drive would you recommend for storage?

    It's mainly for secondary backup of my pictures. What brand would be great and what brand should I stay away from? I already have one WD. Now considering Seagate. Many thanks.
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    Tips for using CPL

    I'm new to CPL. Bought a decent one (b+w xs-pro 82mm) and tried it the other day. I rotated the front such that my foreground appeared more saturated with less glare. What I noticed was that the sky was partially/unevenly darkened. I was not using an ultrawide lens. I was at 24mm. The sun was...