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    Laptop for Photoshop and Lightroom 2020

    I don't know how you intend to use this laptop and that bears on a recommendation. I use a laptop just for travel and rely on my home desktop for very resource intensive tasks and as the archive for all of my photos. If you're looking for a laptop as a desktop replacement, I don't think you'll...
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    Claimed Breakthrough Solution to Spherical Aberration in Lens Design

    Just stumbled across this and thought it would be of interest to this group.
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    Canon EOS R body with more than 75mp on the horizon [CR2]

    I've never understood this concern with high MP cameras. I bought a 5DMKII in 2008 whose 21mp resolution was the highest available in a full frame camera. From the time that camera was new, I had no issues managing and editing images on my PC of the day. Compared to that 5DMKII, we're now...
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    A Shake-up Coming to the APS-C DSLR Lineup? [CR2]

    Maybe not the first one, but when a company attempts to create a new market niche, they generally intend to maintain it. That requires ongoing development efforts over time that I would argue could be better spent on more rapid updates of the existing, very comprehensive model lineup.
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    A Shake-up Coming to the APS-C DSLR Lineup? [CR2]

    I don't get this from a business perspective. New models have huge development costs that limits the number you can introduce over time. With the mature, shrinking camera market, adding to your product breadth seems more likely to splinter your customer base rather than adding to it...