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    Is there still hope that we see in-body stabilization in the Canon EOS-1D X Mark III?

    The answer to the question has more to do with Canon camera sales/profits/cash flow than the benefits of any technology. And, how much Canon upper management perceive the future of high end canon camera economic future are going to be and where they feel best to place their investment bets...
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    Canon EOS 90D promotional video appears to have leaked

    Eye af tracking I bet is in live view!!!!!...maybe This is not a mirrorless camera!!!! If one wants a mirrorless canon camera then one gets a M or a R/RP not a D90. My guess this camera was on the drawing boards before camera sales took a nose dive and the investment dollars was...
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    Rest well Canon EOS 7D series [CR2]

    One thing about all of the 7d2/7d3 discussion which has not been discussed is the following: That is, Sony and their great tracking cameras at all levels of interchangeable lenses cameras. I have a feeling many 7d2 users have moved onto Sony instead of waiting for Canon to upgrade their 7d2 or...
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    Rest well Canon EOS 7D series [CR2]

    Canon needs to come out with a mirrorless sports camera that tracks well that competes with Sony's A9. Or Maybe even better with one that competes with Sony's A3iiiR that tracks well with around 43 meg. If one puts a S lens on this camera it will have around 18 mg image...not bad. Now Canon...
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    Canon EOS 90D Specification List [CR1]

    Great tracking which we have no idea from the specification.
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    Canon registers a 32.5mp APS-C DSLR in Taiwan

    Well, if true. this could be the next standard "C" sensor for say M50II/M5II;D90. And, once the manufacturing line proves out the full frame equivalent in the R. Canon tests sensors in non critical cameras first before putting them in critical cameras (sometimes.) This also reduces their...
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    Canon Announces the EOS Rebel 4000D, The Cheapest DSLR Ever? Will Come to North America as the EOS R

    Will Canon's strategy to counter smart phones be effective? It is clear that Canon's strategy against smart phones is to have relatively inexpensive dsrl cameras with feature sets designed for new dsrl users. Will it work?
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    What a Full Frame Canon Mirrorless Needs To Have To Be Successful

    Canon has market share advantage in ff and my guess is that they make their money now selling glass. This market is not growing so if it was me making a business decision of ff mirrorless I would want it to sell into my extensive base which means using exiting glass without an adapter. Futher...
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    Patent: More SuperTelephoto Patent Applications Appear

    :) Makes great business sense. Selling into ones base when the base is large, but the market is not growing is a great strategy. Further, Canon's large lens differentiate Canon positively from its competition. Bp
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    Canon's Next EOS 5DS Won't See a Big Resolution Bump

    I think they will make their dpaf sensor so it automatically adjusts af at various distances for all modern canon lenses. If it does this easily without hassle then why buy a mirrorless camera? The lens sizes at tele sizes are the same.
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    Will it be the EOS M1? [CR2]

    lens size sony 70-200 f2.8 vs canon Those who think that mirrorless len size will be much smaller and lighter than current zoom lens at say f2.8 they are probably wrong. I just checked Sony's full frame mirrorless 70-200 f2.8 vs canon's. Canon's is shorter, the diameter and weight are about...
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    Lightroom 7 rumor

    I have two big issues with LR and they are: 1. Slow import. If I have a lot of pictures to import I use Photo Mechanic which is wonderful. Many pros use this software because of the import speed and ability to add tags that comply with many publisher standards 2. Lack of improvements that are...
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    Canon's Digital Photo Professional 4.5 - Is there a Filter on specific EXIF-data

    Adobe cc business model and LR functionality updates (NOT) I use Photo Mechanic to ingest photos. Maybe I will tell PM to output dng files to LR and forget about the cloud version. The cc version includes PS so where is their business being hurt if they migrate often used photo techniques in...
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    Canon EOS Rebel SL2 Coming for CP+ [CR1]

    Since the best canon will do to upgrade its mirrorless is a year away, the sl2 is being introduced to try keep loyal canon people at bay with a small camera. bp