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  1. neuroanatomist

    Anyone else ditching the 1dx3 for now?

    The 1D X is still doing fine for me, and I have the R for travel and the M6 for lighter travel. But if I were looking to replace my 1D X, it would be with the 1D X III. Why? Four words: Er. Go. Nom. Ics.
  2. neuroanatomist

    Reports of the Canon EOS-1D X Mark III going to sleep/locking up briefly

    Yes, you forgot to mention that his aerospace company owns 35 of them. And that they engineered a front mounting 10-element close-up filter that gives the lens the resolution of an electron microscope.
  3. neuroanatomist

    1DXMKIII - Just OK

    Hypobole, I think.
  4. neuroanatomist

    Monopod Case recommendations

    I use a Really Right Stuff TQB-64 for my RRS MC-34 monopod with MH-02 Pro tilt head. FWIW.
  5. neuroanatomist

    EF 100-400 ii IS & monopod questions for birds, both perched and BIF

    I use mode 2 on a monopod for perched birds (with my 600/4 II, but the principles are the same).
  6. neuroanatomist

    Will Canon Stopped Develop EF Lens Line Up?

    Your implication is that Sony is the choice for pros. The Super Bowl is coming up – count the Sony stills cameras you see on the sidelines and on the field after the game, compared to Canon or Nikon. Let us know if Sony is the most-used brand.
  7. neuroanatomist

    Will dSLR's be sustained only by nostalgia?

    The thing is, ergonomics are not really part of a ‘spec’. If Canon (or someone else) makes a mirrorless ‘pro’ body (i.e. 1-series) in the current ‘pro’ form factor and an improved EVF, I would have no problem replacing my 1D X with such a camera. If Canon makes a ‘pro‘ mirrorless that improves...
  8. neuroanatomist


    For as long as there are idiots. So basically, forever.
  9. neuroanatomist

    Free M6 with purchase of lens: EF-M 18-150 + M6 (Mk I) for $449

    That’s a sweet deal. I have both, but I’m almost tempted to buy them again!
  10. neuroanatomist

    Canon EOS-1D X Mark III Summary

    The 1D X doesn’t quite have a dedicated focus mode selection button, the AF-Drive button does both AF mode and drive speed. However, the 90D has a truly dedicated AF mode button, and has AI Focus AF. So, your rationale that a dedicated AF mode selection button obviates AI Focus AF doesn’t...
  11. neuroanatomist

    Canon EOS-1D X Mark III Summary

    My 1D X doesn’t have a switch like that. I can program a button to that function, but instead I have C-modes with different minimum shutter speeds and AF modes.
  12. neuroanatomist

    Canon EOS-1D X Mark III Summary

    I did (that it’s not there) to make exactly the point that you reiterated.
  13. neuroanatomist

    Canon EOS-1D X Mark III Summary

    1-series bodies have not had AI Focus AF, just One Shot and Servo. I suspect Canon knows how well AI Focus works, and thus omitted it from the 1-series.
  14. neuroanatomist

    Canon EOS-1D X Mark III Summary

    An early firmware update for the 1D X added the ability to autofocus at f/8.
  15. neuroanatomist

    AFMA of long lenses

    Agreed. I’ll take an algorithm over the Mark 1 eyeball every day of the week.
  16. neuroanatomist

    AFMA of long lenses

    I use Reikan FoCal for my 600/4. However, I don’t tether the camera but rather, as I do with all my lenses, I capture a set of images spanning the AFMA range then analyze them manually in FoCal.
  17. neuroanatomist

    Canon officially announces the Canon EOS-1D X Mark III

    Looks awesome. But honestly, I’m not tempted enough to buy it. Sure, if my 1D X falls off a cliff into lava I’ll replace it with a 1D X III. For me, it’s less about the degree of improvements and more about the fact that the 1D X still very effectively meets my needs.
  18. neuroanatomist

    Canon EOS-1D X Mark III appears on latest product list

    Hello, I’d like to introduce you to Reality. Apparently the two of you haven’t met.
  19. neuroanatomist

    The dangers of GAS.

    I had planned on buying the EOS RP, which was released just before I was leaving on a trip. It wasn’t in stock anywhere, so I bought the EOS R instead.