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    Potential Canon EOS R Mark II specifications [CR1]

    I’ll be right in line for this camera after you
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    Rumoured Canon EOS Rs Specifications [CR1]

    As a landscape camera, outdoor use and winter use can be assumed, so the glove use of a joystick would be a definite plus.
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    Rumoured Canon EOS Rs Specifications [CR1]

    I assume from your comments that you don’t care about IBIS in this camera as you would be using the camera with a tripod. For landscapes typically I am on the tripod but there are a couple landscape tripod scenarios where I would like extra stabilization - when the tripod is on spongy ground...
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    Rumoured Canon EOS Rs Specifications [CR1]

    Torn on the idea of a bigger sensor. From a positive side I would love to capture more light but if I need to replace my lenses and filters to work with a larger sensor then I might consider a non-canon medium format instead.
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    Rumoured Canon EOS Rs Specifications [CR1]

    I would have loved to see the resolution even higher than 75 mp but with weather sealing and attention focused on DR this sounds like it will be my next camera for landscapes. Would love to have the resolution of a Phase 1 but refuse to pay those prices. Hopefully the ergonomics are good and...
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    Shutter Count Software/Utility

    Using a Mac I have used the app, ShutterCheck. This worked fine with an old 7D.
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    Canon Third Quarter 2019 Financials

    I too am waiting for a new high res camera. The 5DSr is a little too old to purchase at this point in time and a little too low on resolution I will be happy to help Canon out as soon as they bring out a new high res camera, hoping it is in the R series.
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    Patent: Canon appears to be continuing development of EF mount optical formulas

    I like the idea of the filter adapter but it only allows the use of a single filter. With my waterfall shots I frequently use both CPL and ND filters. So I am holding out for a higher resolution R body. In the meantime I finally broke down and got the NiSi filter system. Good quality but still...
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    Patent: Canon appears to be continuing development of EF mount optical formulas

    The 11-24 F4 is a great lens but the lack of screw on filter at a reasonable size make it challenging for hiking/landscape.
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    EF 11-24 for the R Mount?

    I have the 11-24 and it is a great lens. Like others have said the front element makes front filters very expensive and the new RF adapter and being able to use NDs easily is a great functionality that the R will bring. However there would still be the lack of being able to use more than a...
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    The Emperor Bans Noisy Mirrors

    I believe mirrorless will be the future, but the future for pro-grade is still a few years away. Sony may be an early player but early players don't always end up the long term players nor the long term market leaders. Sony has to keep making rapid changes to their product because there are too...
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    Time for a playful topic! What's in your two lens bag?

    When I do lighten the bag for a 2 lens carry I usually end up carrying one of these two configurations 24-70 f2.8 70-200 f2.8 OR 11-24 f4 24-70 f2.8
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    Flowers and other Flora

    A couple of snaps from the yard Not sure how to make these appear smaller on the screen.
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    silky waterfalls

    I agree that you need to spend time trying different settings to obtain the look you like. In addition to the common photo variables (composition, lighting, ISO, aperture, shutter speed) each individual waterfall will have its own unique challenges due to the amount of water flow in correlation...
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    Adobe Creative Apps Go Cloud Only

    Re: Adobe Software Goes Cloud Only Looks like I will be sticking with my current version of Lightroom as long as it will continue to work... Not a fan of the subscription model
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    5DIV price confirmed

    In the capitalist end - Canon is not running a not-for-profit and will try to maximize their profits. Unless Canon has enough pain in lost market share or revenue they won't make a change to their margins. If enough people join Dilbert and boycott the camera then and only then will Canon drop...
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    RIP iPhoto and Aperture -- Apple's 'Photos' is now live

    I made the transition to LR - Adobe does have a non-subscription version of Lightroom you just need to hunt for it as they try to push everyone to the subscription model. Once I made the change to LR I was kicking myself for sticking with aperture for so long.
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    More on the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV in 2016 [CR2]

    Upon reading my post... I see how it could be taken the way you saw it. I don't believe weddings typically need 10 fps. The point was that some people want 10 fps in the new 5D but others will want the silent shutter retained. One of the big benefits that I see the 5D series having over the 1D...
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    More on the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV in 2016 [CR2]

    So I have seen subtopics in here discussing 8 fps vs 10 fps - but one item that I haven't seen discussed in this thread is the "doability" of 10 fps on a FF sensor while also having a silent shutter similar to the 5Diii. The 1DX and 1DX obviously show that Canon can do the faster speed but the...
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    Best lens for puppy photography?

    Love the topic! I have been taking photos of the black lab we have been raising for the past 9 months, it has been a learning experience for me. I miss the old fast primes I used back in the 80s and 90s - this topic is making me think I should get a 50mm before we raise the next puppy (along...