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    Who is going to buy the 11-24 f/4L?

    I'm in property management, and I use my 10-22 every day. When on vacation, I use better lenses, but I don't do that much with wide angles. My 24-70 is wide enough, usually. If not, I'll stitch them together. Don't get me wrong, I'd love it, but replacing my 24-70 2.8 (and my 100-400) with...
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    First week of BIF action with 7D MK II

    Very cool shots! I'm heading to Jackson Hole next week, and should be able to get a few sports shots. Haven't shot a moving subject with mine yet. What is wrong with yours?
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    First 7D Portraits

    I would just recommend putting the focus point on his eyes. Otherwise, I like the shots.
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    The New Guy

    SOOOO cute! Congrats!!!
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    Which eye do you use?

    I find this whole topic interesting. I would have never thought someone would use their left eye because then your face gets in the way of all the controls. At least mine does. :) Seems like more people do that than the right eye. I tried this test, and when I hold it up and look at the...
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    Which eye do you use?

    Right eye. And if I'm shooting sports, sometimes I'll leave the left one open to watch the play at the same time. Kind of like a shotgun.
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    BIRD IN FLIGHT ONLY -- share your BIF photos here

    Not in flight, but close.
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    Show your Bird Portraits

    Here's another one I like. Common Loon.
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    First week of BIF action with 7D MK II

    I like them a lot. My question was more on what you're using for the AF in the menus. Are you using #1 or #2? Have you played around with any of those settings? Earlier I asked about the AF points, and you answered that one, so thank you by the way.
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    Best backpack for 5D with grip

    I use this one for downhill skiing and mountain biking. I carry a gripped 7d (now a 2) with a 100-400 attached, in one side. The other side I carry a 5d3 with a 24-70 attached. It's heavy, but comfortable.
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    First week of BIF action with 7D MK II

    Again, nice shots. Which AF mode are you using? Have you tried playing around with them? I just bought one last week, and I haven't had too many chances to get out yet.
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    Buying lenses (or bodies) right after Christmas (poll added!)

    I need, well...wanted a 7d2. I bought from a local dealer, but I wanted to get it before the new year so I could write it off. I took the poll before reading so I picked two. None of them really fit my situation.
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    Next Lens Purchase...where is the gap in my gear?

    I'd go with the 100-400 ii. You don't seem to have any long lenses. But, like Mt Spokane said, don't buy something you won't use.
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    Canon USA Warns Against Lithium Battery Use With Speedlites

    I had a terrible experience with the Nimh rechargeables. Right when I bought my 580EX, I started buying rechargeables. I had about 20 batteries, and 2 fast chargers. I used them for other things besides my flash, but about the 3rd or 4th time through my flash, they leaked all over. I threw...
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    Canon 7D mk ii or Canon 5D mk iii which is better all around camera?

    The OP didn't mention any other lenses they have. Just the 70-200. Are the other lenses EF, or are they EF-S? That makes a difference because the EF-S won't work on the 5D3. Something to keep in mind. I don't think you can go wrong with either, but the 7D2 may be better for you since you...
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    Review: Sensor Performance of the 7D Mark II

    Do you guys (or anyone else) really use live view that often? Do you ever shoot outside, when it's bright out? And don't even get me started if you like polarized sunglasses. 8)
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    Review: Sensor Performance of the 7D Mark II

    I'm hoping to have one before Christmas to replace my 7D. Everything about this seems to be an upgrade, although, I still prefer the two back button zooming in preview of my 7D over my 5D3. Even if that Sony camera was better in every way, I still couldn't stand a camera that small. My big...
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    Patent: Canon EF-S 11-24mm f/3.5-4.5

    Yeah, I'd be very interested if it's EF. I use my 10-22 almost every day, and wouldn't be at all interested in losing anything off the wide end.