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    Sony A7R on DXO - Highest full frame IQ ever DxOmark just published the full Sony A7r sensor test. And according to their measuresand ranking system the camera scores the same points as the Nikon D800-D800E (and that for $500 less). And it literally kicks the Canon5DIII in the...
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    Magic Lantern for 5D3?

    So I thought I'd finally give Magic Lantern a shot and see what all the fuss is about. I went to the download section at their website ( ) and noticed that the 5D3 isn't listed? Stable Release V 2.3 Cameras supported: 5D Mark ii 50D 60D 500D 550D...
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    The latest mirrorless cameras - which one offers highest DR?

    I am thinking about picking up a mirrorless body for my off road landscape photography, because of their smaller size and weight. But which of the latest mirrorless camera systems offers the highest DR? I know that none of them are as good as the D800 when it comes to pushing shadows, but are...
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    Guess what Canon's next wide angle zoom will be

    Take a guess. :D Will it be 16-35 III? 17-40 II? Or perhaps Canon's answer to Nikon 14-24? - the best UWA-zoom ever made. What are you hoping for? T.b.h, I'd like a 16-35 III, with the same uber sharpness and IQ as the Nikon 14-24.
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    Can a full frame mirrorless be as good as a full frame DSLR?

    Simple question. Can a full frame mirrorless deliver the same IQ, ISO-noise, color and contrast as a full frame DSLR? I know that mirrorless is weaker when it comes to AF and shooting sports, but other than that? Can it be as good as, lets say 5D2 / 5D3?
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    I guess there won't be any new lenses at CES?

    Who else thinks Canon has no new lenses to show at the upcoming CES? It is only one day left now before it starts, and Canon still haven't said a single word about showing new lenses at the event. This makes me doubt that they have anything to show. I sure hope that I am wrong.
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    Where are the BIG information leaks??

    We all know that Canons next full frame cameras are on their way, and we all know that they are out there right now, beeing tested in the hands of selected professional photographers. What I would love to know is how they manage to keep the camera specs and all the information to themselves...