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    The Canon EOS 5D Mark V is in the works [CR2]

    With the m6ii and the eos90 we saw, that much development was put into the mirrorless technology and transferred to the eos90d, where it was possible (new sensor, better live view tracking etc). We didn't see much improvement in pure DSLR technology like better AF tracking when using the OVF...
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    An APS-C sensor equipped EOS R camera mentioned again [CR1]

    Would it be technical possible to make en EF-M adapter for RF mount? Canons EF-M wide angle zooms and primes could make sense on such a camera
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    Canon EOS M50, More Images and Specifications

    One question: Is the ring around the shutter buttom a control dail? It seems to me, that this is the one control dail on the camrea. It could be that the control layout is not so enthusiast oriented. That's maybe what they mean, when the say between the M5 and the M100. I'm still thrilled...