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    Anyone using the new X100V, especially as a travel body?

    I've got an original X100. The X100V is the first iteration to make me seriously consider upgrading. And I probably will in coming months. I use mine largely for events or trips where carrying a lot of equipment is impractical. It also makes a great back-up camera. It is compact and takes...
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    Industry News: Fujifilm officially announces the X-T4

    I'm guessing it comes down to pixel density, perceived depth of field differences and the crop factor. All up, it means that a camera with one of Canon's newer APS-C sensors isn't at a significant disadvantage compared with most FF cameras when it comes to macros.
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    Industry News: Fujifilm officially announces the X-T4

    If you're in Brisbane, CameraPro are showing the X-T4, X100V and X-T200 on Tuesday morning. I see that $2899 price as just indicative until they actually receive stock. It was only a few weeks ago that they were selling the X-T3 for $AUD1400, and I can't really believe the X-T4 is double the...
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    Should Canon make a low cost one button film scanner?

    It is an interesting idea and there seems to have been an upsurge in film sales recently. But there's no reason they'd have to be so restrictive. You do know that Canon makes scanners and also develops they're own film scanning software. They're quite capable of bundling this in with the...
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    Time to replace "Mirrorless"?! (camera description term / wording)

    "MILC" kind-of sounds like a rude word (at least enough to generate some odd looks if it was on a t-shirt). But I can't see any problem with "Les".
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    Will Canon make a full size mirrorless crop camera?

    As mentioned above, the dual viewfinder solution (like the Fuji X100) would be the ideal solution and the best of both worlds - fast focus when required, and an EVF when required. It would be a more expensive solution, but Canon should at least consider it in the high end models. It would also...
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    Fuji X-T3 coming

    Thanks. I think I understand your point. But the difference in background blur that we're talking about is pretty minor. It isn't sufficient enough to be a deciding factor in the camera format I use. I shoot mostly portraits, and I'm usually seeking a pleasing background, not necessarily...
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    Fuji X-T3 coming

    Fast prime lenses work just as well on crop cameras as they do on FF cameras. And Fuji have a great range of F/1.2 and F/1.4 lenses. And I'd say that the Fuji lenses work great wide open, whereas some comparable Canon lenses have some sharpness issues wide open, which negates some of the depth...
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    Fuji X-T3 coming

    I shoot Fuji and I'm happy with their implementation of an APS-C sensor. The images are on par with my FF Canon. And the lenses are well designed and reasonably priced for the sensor size. And the system is reasonably compact - it is great for travelling. I'm yet to be convinced that FF...
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    Is Maybe "Mirrorless" Not as Much of a Thing as Everyone's Saying?

    Assuming that most people use a camera that is less than 5 years old, it should be easy to do some calculations showing how much DSLRs sales have exceeded mirrorless cameras during that time, which would explain why you don't see a lot. But the answer is definitely influenced by location. For...
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    Is Maybe "Mirrorless" Not as Much of a Thing as Everyone's Saying?

    When I picked up my first mirrorless camera, I remember thinking that it was pretty cool. I now only reluctantly use a DSLR when situations demand it. I'm happy that there is so much choice available.
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    Time to replace "Mirrorless"?! (camera description term / wording)

    I went to a vampire shoot a few months ago. I took a mirrorless camera for the reason you mentioned - I was worried I couldn't focus using a mirror. And it worked well. The camera focused perfectly on the subjects and most of the photos came out fine. Back to the original question, I prefer...
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    We have too many memory card standards

    My thoughts exactly. Personally, I opt for cameras that include an SD slot because no matter where I am, I can always buy or borrow a card if needed. That's important to me. Others chasing ultimate performance might have other priorities. I'd shudder at the thought of a government deciding...
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    German laws - new European "General Data Protection Regulation" (GDPR, DSGVO)

    You guys also have the vote on copyright changes coming up soon, too. Interesting times for content creators.
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    Introducing Loupedeck+, the Next Evolution of Custom Photo Editing Console, Loupedeck

    While appreciating that it is a fairly simple device, I'm still surprised it has a reasonable price. Looking forward to seeing more reviews.
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    Canon Rumors is watching

    On this site, I just get patio heaters and fire pits. Boring. Yet on a news site, I've got a B&H ad advertising a Godox AD200 that I'm thinking of picking up. Much more interesting!
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    Industry News: SmugMug Acquires Flickr

    I'm curious what this might mean for Smugmug users. It would be great if they can integrate more of the community aspects of Flickr.
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    300 or 400mm for Runners?

    I photograph a lot of cross country running. With a crop camera, I tend to use 35mm, 60mm and 135mm lenses - but that is mostly because you can position yourself anywhere and be as close as you want. I think the final answer just comes down to access to the track and what sort of image you...
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    What a Full Frame Canon Mirrorless Needs To Have To Be Successful

    I might be missing the nuance, but are you thinking that FF mirrorless buyers would tend to prefer lower cost lenses vs better, but more expensive lenses? I look at the Eos-M and feel that it is a very good value system for what it is. And I'd generally prefer lower cost vs more expensive...
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    What a Full Frame Canon Mirrorless Needs To Have To Be Successful

    Moving away from the EF mount would be a high risk move. If you need to buy new lenses, it just gives people a reason to either (1) wait until there is a more complete range of lenses or (2) consider alternative brands. And given Canon's lack of enthusiasm for releasing new EF-M lenses, I'd...