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  1. Pyrenees

    Argus 1.8 Billion Pixels

    Impressive indeed, but conversely very, very scary should it fall into the 'wrong' hands.
  2. Pyrenees

    Best HDR Software?

    Yeah, LR/Enfuse looks great, but, would be better if it had additional sliders covering Mu and Sigma, for fine tuning the Expusure weighting. Not sure why these adjustments are missing, given that these are included in the command line versions and can come in quite handy. I guess you could...
  3. Pyrenees

    70-200 F2.8 mark I or mark II?!

    As indicated above, the 70-200 f/2.8 II is far superior, as virtually every review out there will indicate. Significant difference in resolution quality, amongst other things (e.g. bokeh quality). Regarded as one of Canon's greatest lenses. Yes, pricing is quite steep, and if this is an issue...
  4. Pyrenees

    CLOSED: Gura Gear Giveaway!

    Re: Gura Gear Giveaway! This Gura Gear stuff would come in really handy for me right about now ;D
  5. Pyrenees

    Do that many people use Live View for pics primarily over normal Viewfinder?

    Also comes in handy for candid street photography, where you don't want to make it too obvious who your subject(s) are.
  6. Pyrenees

    White balance setting and RAW. Also flash sync speed.

    I would try to avoid, if at all possible, reflecting off anything that isn't in the realm of a neutral color, let alone blue. It has the potential to be very difficult to correct, as eluded to above. The suggestion above to stick a white paper/board and reflect off that seems like a good idea...
  7. Pyrenees

    Eye-Fi Card on 7D

    It's a very good question. Maybe it has to do with the relative demand of SD cards versus CF cards, or perhaps the relative manufacturing costs for adapting the tech to CF? It's really frustrating, I tell you, and so I'm tethered like a helpless goat :'(. Just thought I'd also add: stay right...
  8. Pyrenees

    How do you display your pictures?

    Agreed, particularly for the more 'special' images. I also use poster holders to display various "largish" photos around the home, which are handy because I like to change things up a bit from time-to-time (and I have an enormous living room to experiment with ;-) ). You can get all sorts of...
  9. Pyrenees

    Missing Persons -- Brian??

    I dunno, do his last 3 or 4 last posts give any clue???
  10. Pyrenees

    Free and Inexpensive Video Editors

    I have only recently purchased Sony Vegas Studio Production Suite 11. I purchased mine for $60 off Ebay. Be aware that version 11 does not support a 64-bit O/S, which will potentially slow things down too much for your liking. I have only started using it. Nice interface and quite...
  11. Pyrenees

    5D Mark III sensor cleaning noise (squeaks)

    This is the kind of statement that, if made at high school, would lead to a serious beating. At least, at the high school that I attended :(
  12. Pyrenees

    How do you get rid of debanding artifacts?

    Re: How do you get rid of (de)banding noise? You could try Topaz Denoise 5, although, it may produce the same artifacts. After debanding, you may want to resort to layer masks around the affected edges. For instance, use a soft brush to select the area(s) in the sky, then apply a slight...
  13. Pyrenees

    How do you get rid of debanding artifacts?

    I am told that Topaz Denoise 5 does a good job with vertical/horizontal banding. Previous versions do not have that feature. Although I have this software, I am yet to see any banding on my 30D (I love this camera, even thought it's 124 years old), and so can't vouch for its effectiveness. With...
  14. Pyrenees

    Canon 5Dc as an entry for FF? yay or nay?

    Strange voting setup :o Edit: I voted for Yay (aka "Yes"). Great sharpness capabilities, beautiful colour rendition. Also love the simplicity of the thing. Sold mine about 8 months ago. What a mistake that was :(
  15. Pyrenees

    Canon EOS 3D X [CR1]

    Bahahahahahaha !!!!!!
  16. Pyrenees

    On a hot day I left my 5d3 and lens in my car's trunk...any damage?

    If it's out of direct sunlight, you should be fine - unless you're in the middle of The Sahara during a hot, summer's day.
  17. Pyrenees

    Anyone shooting film?

    No, I fall in the 'read the msds and take note that the chemical composition of fixer and developer are known carcinogens' model of thinking.
  18. Pyrenees

    Anyone shooting film?

    b/w - do it yourself ! You don't need a darkroom, just get a 'changing bag' - you stick your hands in to reel the film onto the developing tank spool, and then the tank is lightproof and pour the soup in to develop and fix. Easy. Of course, you can't see what you are doing, but that's ok. I...
  19. Pyrenees

    Anyone shooting film?

    Sold my Mamiya RB67 kit last year. I really miss it, though - dumb decision to sell. I still have my 35mm Pentax KX200 with a 50mm lens, which I've owned for many years. I still shoot with it, but mainly in B&W these days. It's funny how the odd person will spot that you're using film and will...
  20. Pyrenees

    Women will hate D800 *full size image*

    A beauty dish, I'd say. Somewhat counter-intuitive to the name, beauty-dish lighting can be relatively harsh/direct (compared to a softbox) and is often used on models with very good skin, or with professionally-applied makeup. The image has definitely been oversharpened. There are telling...