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    Our new site with unique photos (no kidding!): Feedback wanted

    Hi all, We started a new site with some unique photos at It is for the first time when such photos are online and, hence, we want your constructive feedback. Feel free to dig the site. All the best
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    Canon responds: The New & Revolutionary Canon EOS 75D !!

    See here the press release: Enjoy!
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    New patents for Canon fast primes

    It seems that some high quality fast prime lenses (50mm f/1.2, 50mm f/1.4 - there is also an 45mm f/1.6 and a 60mm f/1.8) are in the pipeline at Canon. I am not sure though (from translation) that they are EF lenses. See at...
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    Will you pay $125,000 for Canon's Mixed Reality headset?

    Look with what Canon fills their minds & hearts while we're expecting a better sensor, new firmware, better lenses... ...and better prices of course: "Canon first introduced us to the concept of a Mixed Reality headset at its Expo in 2010. Now, the technology is going to be released for a...
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    Extreme angles photography. Which tools to use?

    Hi all, We do enough extreme angle photos and I mean here by "extreme angle" the low angle shots (significantly lower than the eye level) and the high angle shots where the photog needs to keep the camera above of his head. Unfortunately, as you know, 5D3 has a fixed rear screen, so we are...
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    Canon 5D3: How to find / calculate / figure out the Group in which a Lens is in?

    Hi, In 5DMk3's manual (see pages 78-84), Canon divides the lenses in 9 groups based on how many Dual Cross-Type (if any), Cross-Type and Horizontal AF points a lens can exploit from the total of 61 AF points available. The charts there are very nice, also the VIewfinder's blinking feature for...
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    Almost 10000 photos shoot with 5D Mk3 – Thoughts, Odds, Problems, Firmware Fixes

    Hi all, Ok, I know that I’m quite crazy these days actually shooting with 5D Mk3. Perhaps I should discuss over and over again about DxO, D800, pixel-peeping etc. Yes, D800 is the elephant in the room and now it is obvious that the only thing which is left to improve the situation is to improve...
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    Canon 1DX: The AF problem may be bigger that we think?

    Hi all, Seeking the lens market AND the related info WRT Canon 1D X, I found some things which seems concerning: 1st, a note from Canon's Chuck Westerfall (it was quoted also here in some threads) saying: Having in mind the above, this means that Canon 1D X cannot focus on the longer...