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    RF 1.4x

    Many thanks
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    RF 1.4x

    I've just received an email from Canon announcing the 1.4x (& 2.0x) RF Converters. Is it me, or are the details a ‘bit thin’? Is this an RF>RF tele-converter, or RF>EF (which is what I’m really after)? I can't see myself ever upgrading my 200 or 400 lenses, and if it is RF>RF, what lenses is...
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    Patent: Dual internal teleconverter telephoto lens.

    With the 400/2.8 (II) recently at $10k (now reduced), the 200-400 at $11k, and the new 400/2.8 (III) at $12k, I think adding a 1.4x to the 400 would more than likely add $2-3000 to the cost (never mind the sales price). With a reducer as well, it would still be a bargain!
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    Patent: Dual internal teleconverter telephoto lens.

    I would have “settled” for a 400/2.8 with 1.4x builtin, as a replacement for my 400 mk II. The 200-400 is too slow for some of the events I cover. If a reducer could be added, enabling 280(?) f/2, that would be absolutely mind-blowing! $20k or thereabouts, but worth every penny...
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    EG-E1 and Canon RP battery door

    Just to clarify - there are two versions of "the manual": the basic "Instruction Manual", a paper guide that may be included with your camera (?) & and the "Advanced User Guide" (612 pages), which is download only. Regrettably, it seems that you have to read the manual to work this out... ...
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    Canon EOS RP Specifications & Images

    My 2c, given only 48 hours with the camera. It's a great purchase for the money: full frame, native EF lenses and smaller than my SL1, which is now "officially" retired! The good: as above; Accurate AF; EVF is not noticeably 'E', until... see below The bad: EVF - not bright enough outdoors...
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    Is an RF 135mm f/1.4L USM in development? [CR1]

    While I’d love to see a 135/1.4, my priority is definitely for (lens) IS, with this type of lens. In my opinion, the 85/1.4L blows away the 1.2L for at least 98.7% of shots (approx...), if only because more of them are in focus! In fact, I made a decision to sell my 1.2 (for a loss) within 24...
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    DO Lenses - Sharpness issues in the cold?

    I took a 4-hour walk in -20C a couple of years ago, can't remember which lens (but not DO), but everything appeared to come out sharp. I do recall the camera (6D) couldn't autofocus on occasions because of the cold. However, with the shorter focal lengths this issue may not have been obvious to me.
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    Off Brand: Sony 36mp full frame sensor capable of 4K at 480fps leaks

    +1 I think there is potential for a very interesting learning curve! Ready to order...
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    85mm: Which one to buy used now to hold value for resale when RF comes out?

    I would second the advice for the Canon 85/1.4L - the IS makes it much more usable than the 1.2L (version II), which I recently sold for a big loss... In real world shooting, I couldn't see a significant difference in quality between the two. The 85 lives on my 5D4 full time, and as for pairing...
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    Canon EF 400mm f/2.8L IS II USM

    Probably a bit late, but... The 400 with the 1.4x is very usable (both day & night at the Dubai 7s & various athletics meets) With the 2X, the focussing was just a little bit too slow = more misses than I would have liked, so stopped experimenting. F/4 was about as slow as I would have liked...
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    Here are the full Canon EOS R specifications

    It's one of the essential features using the 1DX with the 'right' lens: can't see why (apart from marketing) that it's not on the 5D4. I realise that the 1-series outgun everything, but can't see why the 5-series doesn't have all the software/menu options that exist? Sometimes pros need a...
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    Existing EF lenses on mirrorless

    Unlikely, but may well be a good idea that FF mirrorless is the same size as DSLR. They definitely won't have 2 different styles supporting EF lenses. I'm not currently on the R&D distribution list, so just my 2c.
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    Existing EF lenses on mirrorless

    I like the elegance, or is it inevitability (?), of the Nikon solution for existing F-mount lenses on the Z-mount bodies. Maybe I’m being oversimplistic, but wasn't this the only obvious method? "Of course Canon will stick with EF lenses on mirrorless" is often quoted/prayed for, but how...
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    Photography Websites For Selling and Storing Pics

    If you have the ability to host your own server (or VM) then this might be worth a trial... I use Koken software to host a couple of my sites. This is (currently) free, but does not seem to be actively developed? The interface (for admin) is similar to Lightroom, upload seems to be slow, but...
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    Time for a playful topic! What's in your two lens bag?

    Having never posted here before??? My two-lens/two-body/two-bag (sports) travel bag (can I also include the 1.4X...) 5D4 with 400/2.8L 1DX with 135/2L (please make an IS like the 85...) That's a really effective combo, especially when considering the body switch as well.
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    Time for a playful topic! What's in your two lens bag?

    My 'I'm not taking a camera bag or a camera' 2-lens setup: 100D (SL1) with EF-S 17-55/2.8 IS EF-S 24/2.8 (if I need something more discrete: also never used!)
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    Time for a playful topic! What's in your two lens bag?

    My (travel) 2-lens bag: 5D4 with 85/1.4L (fitted) 40/2.8 pancake (never used!)
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    NAS storage advice

    I'm not a very regular contributor here, but have been messing with most of these issues for over 15 years, with NAS, bandwidth, backup and access issues. [list type=decimal] There's always a risk of hardware failure The network is never fast enough You will always run out of space/speed on...
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    Skylum Updates Luminar 2018 to Version 1.3.0

    Not wishing to sound (too) negative, but I will anyway... ;) I've used On1 and most of the MacPhun/Skylum products, and I’m not impressed. Both products feature (over) frequent upgrades, which in my case have always required payment. This renders them effectively the same as a subscription...