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  1. camerabug

    Avenger D600 or Matthews Baby Boom Which One & Why?

    I've already decided on a Matthews Hollywood Baby Jr. Triple Riser Stand but I'm left in a quandary on picking the Avenger D600 boom or the Matthews Baby Boom. There's about $100 difference but I don't see any obvious benefit to the Matthews since both of them have a steel construction. The...
  2. camerabug

    Hyperfocal Focusing Painlessly?

    I'll be photographing almost exclusively landscapes in Colorado and Utah in the coming week and I'm trying to figure out the most painless way to ensure that foreground to background will be tack sharp. I'll be using a 1D Mark IV along with a 16-35L II mostly at 19mm at F11. There are so many...
  3. camerabug

    580 or 600 for 1D Mark IV

    I'm debating which flash would be the better choice when mated with my 1d Mark 4. If I'm not misraken the New 600 is rhe the newer vodies. I don't expect Canon to have a firmware update to work with the new flash. What do you guys think? Rhanks in advance!
  4. camerabug

    Canon ID Mark IV availability?

    I've kept watch on B&H and Adorama hoping to get one of the last new ID Mark IV's but without success. Does anyone know a reputable dealer that might have this one in stock willing to ship? Thanks in advance.