1. S

    A study of New Yorkers and their Airpods
  2. Trankilstef

    Sigma and Tamron RF mount announcement?

    Hi folks ! I just saw those two infos on another rumor site about Sigma and Tamron press conferences for the CP+ show in late february :
  3. webzkey

    Upgrade to EOS R or wait?

    Hey Everyone, So I’ve been thinking about upgrading from my Canon 80D. The EOS R has really stood out to me based off all my research and watching it perform in the areas I would most likely use it in. (Portraits, Landscapes, YouTube Videos & Cinematics). I’m currently using both a Sigma 35mm...
  4. D

    Tweaking Canon 80D audio

    Hello, I record concert band concerts with the 80D with a Tascam recorder attached on a hotshoe. I want to ensure the Tascam records better audio than the 80D, but the 80D does have pretty good audio. Therefore, I am interested in tweaking the audio settings on the 80D to ensure the audio from...
  5. Sleeplessin

    First time lapse vidieo using EOS R (love it too!!)

    I went to NYC last winter for 6 weeks. Next to my old Canon 5D Mark IV and very old 6D I was using my new Canon EOS R for shooting this time lapse and hyperlapse. Why I love it for time lapse and hyperlapse :love: It is very helpful for day to night time lapse that all buttons can be...
  6. K

    December in Ljubljana - Timelapse movie

    Hello to everyone! Happy new year:) Please be welcome to check my new timelapse/hyperlapse video. Many of the timelapses were shot with Canon 60D and some with Fuji XT-20... Have a nice year and lot of good light! Luka
  7. Andrew Davies Photography

    5dmk4 two months in ...

    OK so had chance to really test the 5D4 in the field as it were ! Its the end of wedding season but also the hardest part with long dark days and varying amounts of wind and rain ! Thoughts so far for anyone interested - I am coming from 5D3s and mk2/1 before that and use mainly in wedding work...
  8. Andrew Davies Photography

    Second Curtain Flash wireless Canon v Yongnuo

    Can anyone enlighten me as to why on earth canon speedlites and transmitters wont work in second curtain flash mode wireless , however the Yongnuo copy transmitter and flashes do and in fact the yongnuo transmitter sends the info to a canon flash and works fine but using the canon transmitter...
  9. Creators' Corner

    Canon 90D Rumors - Will it be the New 4k Beast That Will Take Over ?

    I'm anxiously waiting for the announcement and release of the Canon 90D or the new Canon 80D replacement. Which I know is going to be an amazing camera. We all want canon to bring 4k to the aps-c line up at this price point, though with all the new features we want. I believe it's going to be a...