1. Trankilstef

    Sigma and Tamron RF mount announcement?

    Hi folks ! I just saw those two infos on another rumor site about Sigma and Tamron press conferences for the CP+ show in late february :
  2. R

    Vlogging Lens for EOS R (with & without gimbal) - need help

    Hi Guys, Just purchased my EOS R together with Tamron 24-70 F2.8 G2. I would like to seek the advice and recommendations for a wider full frame lens (Canon or Third party ) which I can use for causal Vlogging & Video recording of Street Interview. Key consideration is the weight and portability...
  3. B

    R Video Review

    Here is a good basic video of R body layout, functions and performance from cameralabs. Includes some discussion and footage using the R’s video. I have no connection with these people, just thought they did a good job with this video. Scroll down a bit for the video...