5Ds + 85L


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Sep 3, 2015
A beautiful use of colour, tone and Bokeh to create focus in an image, probably one of the best 85L shots I've seen to date.


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Jan 29, 2011
Sporgon said:
Pookie said:
Interesting subject unfortunately nothing is in focus...
No, the tip of the nail on the girl's right ring finger is in sharp focus.

Still a pleasing image. Who's going to get anything in focus at f/1.2 anyway ? ;)
As photographers, and camera companies, have known for many years "sharp focus" is not important or appropriate for many shots, anybody that disputes that need look no further than soft focus lenses and a Steve McCurry exhibition, neither of which attain "sharp focus" anywhere, but are both capable of superlative imagery.

Pookie has made several disparaging remaks about other peoples images, which is funny considering the totally inappropriate way he often uses his lights, how do you make a sub 100 lb girl look like she is made of dough?
Aug 22, 2010
It's a nice image. But I think the point of focus is off. It need be on the butterfly's head.

On a web sized image, the size of the full frame camera sensor is irrelevant. This could easily have been taken on a 12mp 5DmkI. I guess that's web size pics for you.

I love my 85IIL it's my favorite lens...but it's very hard to master. I got my most accurate results using a 5DII fitted with a fine focus screen. I think you can retro fit one in the 5Ds...I'm not sure.