6D wifi connect vs no internet connection makes Android switch over to home wifi


Feb 14, 2017
Most of the time I use my 6D's wifi to transfer to my Android phone when I'm out and about. So the camera is set up in standalone hotspot mode. Sometimes however I want to use it at home if the computer is turned off and I just want one picture out, etc. But the Android phone complains that the 6D does not have internet access and immediately switches over to home wifi to get that.
Due to the 6D's tedious menu system to switch it to another mode so it connects to the home router, etc, and then switch it back, does anyone know if there might be a setting in Android somewhere to not behave like that? I've poked through the settings menus but can't find anything. I use a Galaxy 9 with the latest Android but it's probably not a Galaxy specific thing.
Thanks for any help!