Bald Eagle + My Thoughts on the Canon 1DX III

Jack Douglas

CR for the Humour
Apr 10, 2013
Alberta, Canada
Clearly your want and mine align. For bird photography we have been pleading for more MPs and it's not arrived in 1 series. What is so frustrating is Canon not allowing us 1 series features in a higher MP camera but maybe the R5 will address that to some extent. I want FF because of other shooting needs but for birds, which is a high priority, your request of Canon - different crop factors being available, is bang on.

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Jul 6, 2017
Davidson, NC
I enjoyed the reactions of the cat.

A fifty MP camera with ISO 25,000 that good sounds unlikely to me.

What he sounds like he rally wants is a souped up 7D.

I don't shoot BIF, so I am less attuned to understanding those needs.