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Oct 23, 2017
I'm sure you'll do ok for a bit until the grandchildren show up :)

Yes, they do grow fast... I've had my kids later in life. I think I can appreciate it much more than at 20 or so. I am now perfectly content with being there only for them... as a photographer it is my number one job these days. I spent so many years photographing other families and students that I think I might be a good fit for the job ;).

Anyways, here is another from my "other" job as family photographer. These days I have a lot of glass that is the same focal lengths 35 and 50... different manufactures and design. I've come to appreciate older glass and I'm really shying away from Canon unless working. Most of the time I like legacy glass, matched to the body. Leica V2 or V1 of Summicron or lux. Unless shooting the M10 then ASPH. For analog though and most of my family work is with analog Leica's, I'll take a 35 V2 99% of the time. I love the look.

Leica M3 w/ Summicron 35mm V2
Adox Silvermax
"scanned" with a 5DSr
Those are very nice lens and cameras way beyond my amateur status! I must admit I like the look of film and I'm curious of the process. I would be lost with a film camera! I just recently had some slides scanned of photos I took with a point and shoot film camera in 1987. I put them into Lightroom and was able to dramatically improve on them, as a hybrid approach it was quite interesting. Your statement of using the Canon to "scan" is also interesting as vehicle to digitize. Creating imagery has come long way! Appreciate your work.