Black & White


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Very nice B&W series, Pookie..

I really like the first picture. LOL Very funny.
Thanks Click...

For color scans I generally use an Epson 850 but it's been actin funny so it's getting looked at. I pulled out a Canon 9000F II while it's in the shop and have been using it for color slide. Just scanned some 135 black & white from this weekend and I am really surprised at its quality. I am using Silverfast though... This was all shot on a Leica M4 BP with a 21mm Elmarit ASPH. I really love the FL on the rangefinder.

Leica M4 w/Elmarit 21mm (Orange filter)
Ilford Delta 400 at box
Ilfotec DD-X (1+4) 7:30 at 21c

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Dec 11, 2013
Western Canada
Hotel lobby (Fujifilm X-T10 + 18-55mm kit lens)

I previously posted this picture but went back to the RAW file and post processed it with Capture One for Fuji. It does a good job of bringing back the highlights.
Hotel Lobby_DxOVP copy.jpg