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Nov 29, 2014
Santa Cruz, California
Beautiful shot! as are the beach shots of your sons. I really enjoy the film shots but it was nice to see the 5d4 beach shots. As always I look forward to your posts. Today's make me realize I need to get over the coast, I've been so busy with work this year that I missed my regular coastal excursions. I lack the skill and the equipment for portraiture, so I wouldn't even consider asking! Have a great 2019!
Well Randall, some of the best portraits I've taken have been with a cell phone and as for skill... not required if you are having fun. I live in the bay area so coastal excursions are a weekend thing as my boys need the outdoors. I lived in Santa Cruz for years so the ocean is in my heart and I need the recharge of frequent visits.

Happy New year to all... take care and take pictures in 2019 :)
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Oct 3, 2018
Surat, Gujarat, India
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