Both Canon and Nikon are in deep trouble after financial reports.

Kit Lens Jockey

Nov 12, 2016
I still say that Canon is just simply struggling with their mirrorless tech. Or maybe not struggling, but a little behind the curve at best.

Canon knows how to make glass, they have for a long time. And they have gone wild now that they are free to design lenses that have the shorter flange distance that the RF mount has.

But they are still trying to figure out the whole mirrorless thing, at least a mirrorless that has a high MP full frame sensor, and speed and operation the rivals the best (Sony).

I don't think their sensor or processor tech is quite there yet, but they're working on it. As far as I know, they have no sensor with on-board memory the way the A9 sensor does. And unless I'm wrong, even the processors in the EOS R are a holdover from DSLRs made to do mirrorless work.

So this is why you see tons of great lenses without a body that truly matches them. They just don't have the tech to make a professional mirrorless body quite yet (maybe a year from now?) But they have known how to make great lenses for decades.
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Jan 5, 2013
I wrote several posts, but so many morons backfired at me. I have over 50+ years of experience in photography. Now, I have solid proof here.

Both Nikon and Canon made ill-fated decisions to focus on the mirrorless system. They were failures with a lot of technical problems in both bodies and lenses. They stopped to sell Nikon and Canon DSLR along with both F and EF lenses. They want to channel their money into the mirrorless system development. They lost a lot of money and laid off so many innocent employees into the street. Thousands of professional photographers were not happy toward both Nikon and Canon included myself which I stopped buy new products for my work.

Both Canon and Nikon are in deep financial trouble and may lead end of the business by the bankrupt. This due to flipped by upper management people included CEO.

The mirrorless camera system was never a reliable hardware design. Error in hardware caused a lot of trouble-prone. The engineers decided to design new models instead of correct hardware design with current cameras and lenses. I do not know if they can resolve the entire situation, I hate to say, it seems to me it was DONE.
Reading your commentary, I'm not quite sure what your native language is but you might gain a little more credibility if you had someone spell and grammar check your argument(s) before posting.


May 11, 2017
I’ve remarked this before:

Throughout most of photography’s history, a common belief has been that lenses matter far more than the bodies they attach to. Has that sentiment changed in the last year? If so, why? I haven’t witnessed a quantum leap in camera such that I can even begin to guess which body was used by looking at photos. Good lenses on the other hand still tend to manifest in photos.
For several important use cases for the expensive RF lenses that Canon has released, the R actually seems to be very well suited. Solid AF, a good EVF and a very good sensor, along with a good a touch screen interface matches up pretty well with the eye popping RF lens releases. We are not talking BIF spray and pray action photography here