Buying a 90D (body only.) Go for it or wait for Black Friday?

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May 20, 2012
I'm planning to buy a 90D for a trip in early December. From what I can tell, Black Friday sales are usually limited to Tn/Tni models rather than xxD models, and they usually include bundled lenses that I don't want. Is that right? Should I buy now and maximize my time getting used to the camera before I travel or should I wait and see if there are bargains to be had?

Thanks, all.


Jul 20, 2010
Springfield, IL
FWIW, I asked Canon Price Watch guy about this as I am planning on getting one for my wife for Christmas. He thought there might be a $30 drop or so around Black Friday. He reminded me that new releases seldom see big discounts. If I were you, I wouldn't wait too long for a small drop in price -- you want it to arrive in time for you to get familiar with it and make sure everything is working before leaving on a trip.