Buying Camera gear in Aus? Who do you use?


F1.6 is the best.
Gollum said:
Don't like JB after the sales guy screwed me.

Was buying a number of lenses and a body for a trip OS. The price a gave me was good so we did the deal. When I got home I found out he had swapped a lens on the list for a cheaper version (no this wasn't an L/Non-L issue). As the material listed on the invoice was correct and only the total price was shown, I didn't get a good deal. Now you may think that this guy was just a low payed salesman... he was the manager.

I blame myself for not checking, never trust a company that employ this type of person.
What do you mean a cheaper version? Thats a pretty negative blanket statement on a fairly large company. I worked for JB for a while and they were some tossers but plenty of people who were nice and regular people. Customers in Aus(generally) are terrible, expecting everything for nothing and treating the sales people like dirt when they're just doing their job. The biggets problem i experienced at JB was having adequate staff for regular flows of customers but then 90% of customers all arriving at once and all expecting service immediately even if like 10 people asked for service before them.


i picked up a couple of mk3's from jb, they did it for 3800 which at the time was far cheaper than everyone else.

nice guys in the eliz st store