Camera Manufacturer Posturing Ahead of Announcements

Jan 26, 2017
I find it amusing to see all of the communications from Canon, Nikon and Sony in advance of their fall announcements. Canon is #1 in mirrorless, Sony claims number one in full frame, Nikon #1 in fixed lens cameras and DSLR loyalty . . .

Every one claiming a top spot in one category or country!
Everyone gets a pat on the back!

The marketing machine keeps churning I guess. It's definitely amusing, but I can't help but wonder what impact it actually has on sales. I would expect, with absolutely no evidence, that the majority of camera buyers make their decision on what to buy while standing in front of a display in a store.

Does anyone have data regarding what proportion of ILC sales come from the full frame market? Considering the cost, I would have to assume that it is relatively low and that most camera companies make their money on lower end models.


Jul 28, 2015
I thought it odd that Sony press release talked about being #1 yet showed a graph about growth over the previous 12months. Odd.
Maybe they are playing with numbers again.

Does anyone have the sales figures for Guatemala? That would really show who is number one.
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