canon 6D weather damage

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Nov 18, 2012
davcanon6d said:
Hi guys

Ive just been to Iceland for a week

My new Canon 6d has taken a serious beating!

At first I had my camera covered with a weather cover, but the weather so extreme the first couple of days. The camera got soaked with a Sigma 24mm f1.8 lens on it , weather proof?

I know the weather sealing is 'splash proof' but the camera got completely soaked, seriously soaked two days in a row and maybe another time. To make matters worse, I spilled half a cup of coffey on it on the first day (clogging the rear whee l- it took a few days to unclog- but I could have cried)

I didnt do anything to dry it other than leave it out in a warm room in my hostels etc.

The wheel on the back and the selector switch and set button dont really work like they did before now, but I have a bigger problem, the camera is behaving strangely. sometimes when i switch it on, it dosnt turn on and i need to take the battery out then flick it on again to turn it on- when i use the third party battiers i bought for additions, it sometimes dosent even work!


i bought a 3 year warranty, but im going to Norway next week on another photography mission and I really want to use my 6D

anyone with any help? that would be great

This close to the trip there is nothing you can do. Consider buying a second 6d maybe even a used one, then get the other one quickly off to canon and explain to them that you have a trip in a week and would be nice to have it back before you leave.

Worst case is you have two bodies, not a bad thing, and you can easily trade the used 6d back in or sell it later. Consider the loss a "rental fee".

Don't waste time fretting over the damage...just take care of it and do better next time.


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Jul 21, 2010
Marsu42 said:
TexPhoto said:
Is there such a thing as "waterproof"? I imagine that just like "bulletproof", in reality there are only levels of *resistance* and you should be careful not to exceed the specs. The problem with dslrs is that there is no standard, and manufacturers are very marketing-oriented when writing the spec sheet.
A 2 foot thick steel plate is bulletproof. If a camera is water resistant with a depth rating greater then I plan to go, that's good enough for me. Of course, dSLRs are neither. I did consider the Nikon AW-1as a travel camera option, but the small sensor ruled it out.


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Feb 7, 2012
neuroanatomist said:
A 2 foot thick steel plate is bulletproof.
The plate ... probably. But the seams? And then, I faintly remember it's more difficult to explore the deepest ocean parts than outer space because of the high water pressure. Here's the picture of a Canon 6d shooter in rough conditions after realizing his warranty is void:



Feb 28, 2013
If that coffee had milk in it then thats it. Milk congeals when it dries especially in small places, coffee solids also congeal so I think the worst damage is likely from the coffee.
Ive had light misty rain on my 6D but Im using sealed L lenses and its been fine. Heavier rain the camera goes back in the bag it is simply not worth the risk. Rain covers only really work in lighter rain heavy rain In my experience finds a way in.
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