Canon confirms 8K capable EOS R camera in development


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Jul 28, 2011
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I think we all may be getting a little over excited about a missing comma here. Surely what he’s actually hinting at is an “8k, video capable camera.” The 8k surely refers to a high megapixel stills sensor that they will doubtless pull (heavily cropped) 4K from.
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Feb 8, 2016
how can they be working on a 8k camera when they have yet to perfect the 4k camera? They can't even put 120fps on the newest eos R? So far behind. I've been only a canon user since they first released the canon rebel dslr. Still love canon and do not plan on switching since I have all the L glass lenses. C'mon 8k...get your 4k cameras on par first!


Sep 9, 2015
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Huh? The image circle is defined by the EF lens specifications to be 43.2 mm. You can’t just change it to match the rectangle you want to inscribe within it. A 3:2 rectangle inscribed is 36x24mm. On the other hand, defining a diameter in terms of pixels is not logical, since those can have their size arbitrarily altered to fit the desired number into a sensor of a given size.
I may be wrong, but I guess that is the way something like Panasonic GH5s sensor is designed, that is, it is a little bit wider for 4x3 aspect of still and they use a subset of pixels that the sensor has for pictures (4x3 aspect for picture) and (3x2 aspect for video).


Nov 9, 2013
That is, you need a rectangular sensor that has the max of (7680x4320 pixels) and (7332x4888 pixels) which is (7680x4888 pixels).
It will be able to cover 8K (16x9 aspect ratio) video and 36 megapixel (3x2 aspect ratio) still image.
Yes, but 7680x4888 is not a 3:2 aspect ratio and it’s 37.5 mp. If you make it just a bit larger (7680x5220 = 39.3 mp) you have a 3x2 sensor and can crop a 16x9 (7680x4320) for video.
Or put some extra pixels on it and make it 8192 × 5461 (~45 mp) so you can crop to DCI 8k (8192 × 4320).
But it will probably be more like an 10,000 x 6,666 sensor with an 8k crop for video.
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Feb 4, 2015
I think half the people responding have lost sight of the fact that the topic is a new EOS R. Not a dedicated video camera. Unless some of you think that Canon's going to go 16:9 for stills.

Once again, if you already have a 50MP sensor, why design something new that's just a little smaller?


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Jul 21, 2010
Oh, Give me break!!:mad:

So wait...the company that CANT GET 4K harping on 8k?:unsure:

...and you guys are excited?


Canon is the master of old and late...and now they are cooking something up that almost zero customers can realistically use.

I went by canons booth at B&H yesterday...cobwebs all over the booth, old and dusty camera bodies galore. But wait, they are still pushing the 5d4 for 3600 with lens. OMG LOLOL. I would love to upgrade my 5d3 to a mirrorless, but no chance in hell im putting a few grand on a 5d4 in its old age. AFMA? GTFO:confused:

i barely come to this site anymore because its always talking bout canon is planning in a year...who cares, nothing to see here. Boring company makes for a boring site. :cautious:
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Jun 20, 2013
>> We will work hard on both DSLR and mirrorless technologies and will wait to hear what customers say about each. <<

Yes, Canon, there is this matter of a long-neglected EF 50mm f/1.4 we need to discuss...


Feb 1, 2016
I doubt we'll hear about a 50 1.4 anytime soon, but I wouldn't be surprised if one of the fun 'amateur' lenses referred to was a Nifty 50 IS, to be launched right beside the lower end EOS R.


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Jun 7, 2014
Also reassurance that DSLR development is going to continue and they will see what happens over time.
You are right Jethro, this was also an interesting statement. Canon will stay with a threefold path of development in stills-photography regarding the three mount-systems (EF, R and M). And he said, that the reason to stay with DSLR-Development is the fact, that about 70% of the marked is DSLR's, so the consumers demand to see it.

In this context, there was an interesting discussion about the transition from Film to Digital and the speed of the transition in years 1990-2000 compared to the transition from DSLR to mirrorless Systems nowadays.

It was also a surprise to me, that Mr. Mizoguchi said, that there is in fact no roadmap, instead they are reacting to the marked, the demands of the customers. Regarding the Market he made the interesting distinction between marked-growth and marked-share and said, that Canon aims at marked-growth. So they are not seeking to distract users from other brands.

He also promised, that we will see concept-lenses, without any specification, what this will be - my guess is DO-Lenses.

So there are a lot of interesting things in this interview!


Dec 31, 2018
I think new 8k R camera is APS-C .They need make cheap one for consumers what makes money next. And they need also make fast shooting and high resolution camera for wildlife hobby photographers ,so they wont turn sony and nikon compact camera users. kind of nailing two fly same hit.
If there is enough specs for 8k video ofcourse they add that option too, even it only theoretical 8k.
Video isnt important featuer on still cameras just cheap extra feature what increases camera sells, no need add many parts to camera.
Maybe that rumoured 75mpixel monster camera is this same camera :p !
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Aug 22, 2010
I'm glad to hear from Canon that EF is still on their road map and that while Eos R has a big R&D budget and attention...DSLR and EF is still important and will be developed. Talking to engineers tends to by pass the Marketing B/S and talks a bit more realistically and honestly about their formats. The Eos R isn't taking over the Eos's just a new and important format that sits alongside all the other formats.
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Jan 25, 2016
They don't even have the technology for 10 fps at 30 megapixels. They currently aren't even able to do a 4K 30 fps readout w/o crop.
So how in the world do they want to output 30 fps with at least 33 MP resolution (7680x4320)?
I call BS on that. Not happening this year or anytime soon.


Aug 26, 2015
They don't even have the technology for 10 fps at 30 megapixels. They currently aren't even able to do a 4K 30 fps readout w/o crop.
So how in the world do they want to output 30 fps with at least 33 MP resolution (7680x4320)?
I call BS on that. Not happening this year or anytime soon.
The C700 already has the option of a 6K FF sensor so 8K as the next evolution doesn't seem like a big step away from that.
No one ever claimed it is going to be a stills camera, rather than a C500/C700 level video camera (with an external recorder) and of course they never said it is going to come very soon.
Aug 22, 2010
They don't even have the technology for 10 fps at 30 megapixels. They currently aren't even able to do a 4K 30 fps readout w/o crop.
So how in the world do they want to output 30 fps with at least 33 MP resolution (7680x4320)?
I call BS on that. Not happening this year or anytime soon.
The Digic processor found in a 1DxII has a greater through put than 300mb/s. So yes Canon does have the tech...they just haven't released a product that show cases it yet. Canon are top of the sales food chain...they release cameras and lenses based on their sales focus groups (who have a long history of getting it right) and not relying on forum techie geeks.


Jun 6, 2016
Where is everyone getting their math from?

What have I gotten wrong?

8k is 16:9
8k is 7680x4320

I took the long side at 7680 (the only side that matters when upscaling to 3:2 ratio, right?) and multiplied it by 0.666 to get the '2' in the 3:2 ratio of our 35mm equivalent stills sensors. I got 5115. So a resolution of 7680x5115. That's the same aspect ratio of all our current sensors and 'contains' the aspect ratio for 8k at zero crop, right?

5115x7680=39283200, which is ~39.3 megapixels, no?

Definelty not saying I'm correct. But if I'm wrong, I'd love know where I made the mistake.

There are TWO TYPES of 8K! One is DCI 8k (Digital Cinema Intermediate) at 8192 x 4320 pixels and 1.89:1 Hollywood Movie aspect ratio AND then there is the Consumer Video Broadcast 8k standard which is your 7680 x 4320 pixels at 16:9 aspect ratio. the DCI 8K is what the sensor can capture for VIDEO (35.38 megapixels) ....BUT....on an actual photosite count basis it will probably be a Still Photo 4:3 aspect ratio of 8192 by 6144 pixels (50.3 megapixels) which is WHAT the pixel count is on the combined video/stills camera SITTING ON MY DESK ACTUAL IS and also for the one hanging from the back seat hook in the Bell 429!

The final Canon8K body pixel count may even be a 3:2 aspect ratio 9000 x 6000 pixel (54 megapixel) to satisfy the Phase One-in-a-Canon-Body Fans!
You Shall See Soon Enough!