Canon Has Bigger Plans and Much More Then 120 Megapixels

Jan 25, 2019
I had recently seen the headline that Canon most likely will come out with 100 megapixel camera. This should not be a great surprise,canon holds the most patents when it comes to such and they have shown prototypes in 2015 for 120 mpix, but it does not stop there. In their medical imaging group they have 250 mpix and up.

The point here is,canon is playing the marketing game. Now it faces,pressure in the market from other players,so we should see more camera and higher megapixels to come in the near time frame.

Canon has a division in Cambridge mass,that has a 120 megapixel sensor for leasing and I am sure more will comes. Canon, will of course limit who gets such as why give your tech away to competition or at least your best sensors.

It will be a megapixel race and the other players like Panasonic S1R, Sony and Nikon, will have to or are already developing their own high megapixel sensors.

WHile I love Canon, they are expensive and we need competition to drive the prices down. I think Lumix Panasonic and Sigma are positioned to make that happen and I for one will be trying out there new S1R.

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Mar 25, 2011
Its possible to have extreme megapixel sensors and has been. Sensors on phones if scaled up would have enourmous pixel counts.

However, from a practical standpoint, it is useless unless the infrastructure can support high resolution. Lenses have to be better, the in camera processor must be faster, camera shake must be reduced, computers and processing software must handle and store the larger files.

Its not so much a matter of withholding technology as judging when the world is ready for it. Just because a few have very high end computers and the best lenses isn't enough to spring 250 or1000 MP on the general photo community. Some might just do it, but it would be more of a stunt to entice the ignorant.


Mar 22, 2012
I'm sure Canon will produce a 100MP camera in the nearish future as they have the technology.
But it must surely becoming a diminishing return.
Most images only get seen on the internet so all this extra MP is wasted.
You'd want to be printing big to need 100MP
Bird photographers might want it to allow for cropping but it will be very specialised.
The overhead of the file sizes is a pain in a 50MP sensor not to mind doubling it.
Storage and processing them would be a problem.
A 100MP portrait tends to show detail most people would prefer not to see.
Its symptomatic of the problems facing the camera manufacturers.
What can they do to make cameras and lens better.
They can add FPS, better tracking, better ISO performance, higher dynamic range and more MP
More intelligent tracking would probably the best thing they can do.
I think 30MP is about the sweet spot on MP's. More than that and I start to feel its not worth it
Its hard to believe Canon L lens can get any better but I guess they have to be able to resolve 100MP.


Oct 26, 2013
High MPs is a niche product that very few need or want.

Race is over. MPs is now one of the least important specs, in my opinion.
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Dec 31, 2018
actually there could be market for cheap 5mpixel aps-c camera with millions iso .
i would love use it photographing bird on north ,when polar night