Canon Powershot Webcams



Hi, I was going to buy a G12 and I couldn't find out if the Canon G12 lets your double it as a web cam. I don't want to buy a web cam that I'm never going to use where I could find a point and shoot that does web cam and pictures. I'm looking for the best point and shoot with webcam ability. I don't plan to use the web cam often because I hear it causes damage to the sensor.

I'm just a amateur photographer with a Rebel xTi borrowing my father's lenses. We have both wanted the G12 because 11lbs of lenses isn't always favorable. So I want to know if the G12 has a webcam feature or what Canons have that feature.

Bottom Line: I need a point and shoot with a webcam feature. Preferably the G12


why would it be cheaper and better to get a whole webcam? if it can be done with a g12 why not?


May 28, 2011
The two ways I can think of doing it would require a capture card and some software tricks. A webcam is what around $40 for a decent one.

If I was in your boat I would sell the XTi and get an XSi or better with the Live View feature and you are all set as far as a webcam goes by using the EOS utility.

You might also consider the S95 instead of the G12 unless you really need that extra reach. Honestly I have a g12 and the extra reach never really gets you what you want and the g12 doesn't fit into a pocket very easily. Plus you can use that extra money towards your DSLR upgrade.

I'm personally going to keep the g12 and buy the s95 successor when it comes out.