Canon Will Sell You Their 120mp APS-H Image Sensor


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Jan 8, 2016
ethanz said:
Now how to carry the car battery...
You could do it like Elinchrom with their Ranger's, Quadra's and ELB's: a shoulder strap.

Back on topic: I'm looking forward to this sensor being upscaled to full frame and used to implement a 45Mpx quad-pixel sensor.


Jun 6, 2016
ethanz said:
Mt Spokane Photography said:
takesome1 said:
Is there no one with the nerve to request a price quote?
They are looking to sell to a real customer. Supply your D&B number and they will confirm that you are capable of $1M purchases and have the Engineering staff to use the sensor.
The company I worked for had salesmen scouring the world for customers, but one day, a guy walked in and asked to buy our product. In today's dollars that would be $500 million each. No one believed he was serious, that couldn't happen, but it was real and he had the money and bought the product.
We need H.F. ;)

OKIE DOKIE! Teledyne Dalsa...$35,000 US for 5000 CMOS sensors much larger than
a Full Frame with 45 nm or 90 nm DSP circuits.

Global Foundries ... $800 US for FF chips with 45 nm or less DSP process on 100,000 sensor order.

Sony... $2.85 U.S. for 1/1.xx for two million sensor order.

ON Semiconductor $15.00 US for 2/3rds inch chip for a 500,000 order

ONLY Teledyne Dalsa can get me the higher end chips that can take up an entire 300mm wafer for 8k/16k resolution CMOS sensors. They also let you pay in order blocks of 500 chips so it's only $17.5 million US per block! Good enough for us!