CIPA Sales Figures for 2019


Canon 5DSR II
Aug 16, 2012

CIPA has just published sales figures for 2019
Full year 2019 CIPA numbers:

DSLR Units: 4.505 million, -32% compared to 2018
DSLR Shipped Value: ¥174.64 billion, -41%
Mirrorless Units: 3.957 million, -4.4%
Mirrorless Shipped Value: ¥282.37 billion +3.6%
Compact Units: 6.755 million, -22%
Compact Shipped Value: ¥130.137 billion -18%

Lenses for smaller than 35mm Units: 9.352 million, -24%
Lenses for smaller than 35mm Shipped Value: ¥128.635 billion, -23%
Lenses for 35mm and larger Units: 4.885 million, -14%
Lenses for 35mm and larger Shipped Value: ¥237.387 billion, -5.6%

Mirrorless unit share (of Mirrorless + DSLR) 46.8% (was 38.5% in 2018)
Mirrorless Shipped Value share 61.8% (was 47.8% in 2018)

The outlook for 2020 is a downloadable pdf


M6 mk II
Sep 3, 2019
It does sound like DSLRs are suffering this slump far worse than mirrorless, and that lower-end cameras are suffering worse than the high end.

Or am I missing something?

DSLRs aren't dead...but they're showing the first signs of dying.

And of course they'll never be completely dead (even film isn't completely dead), especially not so long as there's some particular job they can do better than mirrorless of the same price--and I believe that's true today.