Dragonflies and Damselflies


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Apr 30, 2017
Got this one today, just another ruddy darter :rolleyes:

F36A1460_DxO_full by Erik Astrom, on Flickr

And also a Migrant Hawker, what a variation! :p

F36A1557_DxO_full by Erik Astrom, on Flickr

F36A1511_DxO_full by Erik Astrom, on Flickr

F36A1598_DxO_full by Erik Astrom, on Flickr

Just when I had this pair of dragonflies in focus, some kind of crow disturbed the scene... :p Maybe they were chasing the bird, I don't know..

F36A1396_DxO_full by Erik Astrom, on Flickr
Nice shots Erik! Only with the Crow there is something wrong - it has a bill of Eagle. It makes the insect in the frame even bigger hero:)!
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Canon 5DSR II
Aug 16, 2012
Got my first two shots using a 90D today. By coincidence, it was a Migrant Hawker in flight - identified from Erik's! The 1st shot is the 90D thread. Here is the second.

1447_ScreenshotMigrantHawker 2019-09-19 15.39.06.png