Dragonflies and Damselflies


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Aug 16, 2012
This year I didn't find enough passion to go hunting dragonflies :(

But yesterdays walk brought me accross this couple of darters. I suppose, those are Sympetrum vulgatum.
I was quite surprised to see them mate in late October - though we have a really unusual warm autum this year.

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Sympetrum vulgatum -they are certainly vulgar doing that in public.
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Apr 30, 2017
I finally got the ID's of the two I posted on page 27: Cordulegaster heros and Sympetrum fonscolembei (help from entomologist - not my work).


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Nov 7, 2013
Hi Erik and ISv!
Do dragonflies carry mites or ticks? Or what are those small objects on the body of this ruddy darter.. ?
Whatever they are, they look perfectly organized :p
Looks more like kind of eggs (and I don't think these are Dragonfly eggs). Very interesting!
Very strange what you found there, Erik!

For sure those little round balls are no dragonfly eggs. This Darter is a male and female Darters only lay their eggs into the water but nor onto their partner.
For mites or ticks I would expect some legs or limbs visible, but maybe I am wrong here. And IMO those are too many and too well arranged.
I am thinking about some tumor, skin or fungal disease. But I am absolutely no specialist here.
If anyone knows, please tell us…