EOS-R Back Button Focus


Sep 9, 2015
Calgary, Canada
Does anybody know how to set Back Button Focus in EOS-R?
It seems that there is no option for "focus and hold" to be assigned to AF-ON or other buttons. The moment I release the AF-ON button and try to re-compose the shot, the camera tries to obtain focus again. Is it normal to keep pushing the AF-ON during recompose? This was not the case with the 5DSR. Am I missing something?


Enthusiast with Canon related GAS
Jun 12, 2015
I tried to configure the back button focus, but it doesn’t have the options as you do with a 5D3, 5D4 or 1DX-cameras.

I wanted AI servo face detect focus on the back button, and single point AF on the shutter button, but couldn’t do it.