EOS R for landscape

Mt Spokane Photography

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Mar 25, 2011
Its ideal for that use, no mirror slap and a 30 mp sensor. 60 mp might provide more detail, but the difference is not a lot, since most lenses do not scale up to match the resolution increase of the sensor. I've dome a few landscape shots, but I just do not have a good eye for composing landscape images. The IQ is pretty much identical to my 5D MK IV, the post processing is slightly different, likely because I use my EF lenses rather than native RF lenses.

Unless you have a need for action photography, its very good for all around use, and somewhat smaller than a 5D MK IV, but heavy and solid enough so that it has a good feel. Its larger than my SL-2 which is a good thing for my big hands. It is sitting here next to me with my 24-70L II and feels right and balances well. For larger lenses, like my 100-400L, the 5D MK IV has the advantage for being balanced well.
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