EOS-R Images

Dec 13, 2010
Great images ! Well done.

So, is this a thread for everybody to start sharing R-images? I would love to see more from everybody who, like me, shoots with one:D
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Dec 13, 2010
Finally down at my computer again, it's a few weeks in between, lol.

Here's a shot of my son from last weekend I believe it was.

Lit with Broncolor Siros 800 L in a silver BD right just outside of the frame.
The way the R handles focusing in strong backlight is amazing! Used face detect and single point and it just worked. And might I add the flare pattern from the RF 50 wide open is gorgeous. Forget about thinking the bokeh is busy, it's very close worst case trees in the near background, lol. I did this shot as a test of AF, flare, bokeh in a pretty horrible situation, couldn't be happier.

f1.2, iso 160, 1/640s

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