EOS R metering all over the place

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Sep 27, 2019
Spot metering works unfortunately for Canon (except 1DX) only for middle spot, not for focus point.
All other cameras I know are using the focus point.
And yes, it is evaluative.


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Feb 26, 2017
yeah, AE-LOCK with the centre AF point and then re-compose.. spot metering mode.
other options: take metering with the centre AF point over the subject's face or wedding dress if that was important, then switch to M mode and use ISO, T and F values.
alternatively, continue shooting in the Evaluative mode but use exposure compensation:
in AV mode, take a spot metering with AF on the subject's face and then another one in evaluative mode. take note of the shutter speed values.
evaluative mode shutter speed could be up to 2 full stop slower. use the number you have found to set the exposure compensation correctly.
and the straight forward option: use a light meter..
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Dec 20, 2012
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It seems like I was unable to make myself understood, so trying again...

Fuji and Sony meter the person perfectly, indiferently if Eye AF or single point C-AF is used, but they completely blow out the highlights then.
Personally I prefer the person perfectly exposed, instead of the window.

I hope this clears things up...
Yes! You have made it perfectly clear! Either your technique or your camera is broken. Only you can sort it out! :coffee:


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Sep 27, 2019
Thanks for all the answers and the time taken to post them.
Have helped me a lot to clarify that it is not working on Canon, and it is working on all other camera manufacturers.
Please close the thread.

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Mar 25, 2011
How should I reply? Teach me pls. I wrote that for flash I use manual ISO, manual aperture, manual shutter speed and I get a reply that Canon uses different Av and Tv with flash. I was pretty baffled.
Also I wrote that I do not get consistent results with metering on Canon, in same situation I get very consistent with Sony and Fuji. What is moving the focus point has to do with that? Of course metering is changing even on Canon when using evaluative and moving the focus point, but not enough and eratically.
"Outdoors in Av priority this happens less often, but it still happens. "
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