EOS RP vs R vs M50 vs 1DX mk2


Feb 13, 2019
Hi, new guy here.

I got curious to see side by side the specs of these great cameras. The recent 3 mirrorless, and the king. To me it is amazing how the king stands up, after so much time. It gives me hope about the "lasting" of the gear.

Here is the chart, in a dropbox PDF:

pd. I am no attaching it, so I can update it.

By no means, I am no expert, and the chart is the result of the info available, there are few things that stand out:
Every camera uses it's own battery type, so there we go, collecting batteries.
For the EOS RP, how Canon is being more specific of the need of RF lenses to achieve 4k -kindaish make sense-

I am wondering what the P stands for in the RP.

If there is something I can improve please let me know.

Thank you for your time.