File naming standards for DSLR and How to ID your backup Camera


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Nov 5, 2012
Charlote NC
Hey gang, needing some advice. I have a 7D2 that I had for several years. I set my File name prefix to my INIT's plus a # Example RB0. that way Since its hard to try and Identify the # of shots taken in a life time I increase the # after the shutter resets after 9999.
Now I just picked up a 2nd 7D2 and I want to some something simular.

My question for those that have Multiple Camera Models or Not How to you preset your 3 char file name?

Also having TWo identical model camera How do folks Label there Camera's?

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Mar 25, 2011
I use lightroom, and can see which camera took the photo or look at photos from just one body and day. I also rename files as I download them which means the camera file number doesn't matter. You could give them a name that indicated the body used like 7D2_2XXXXXX for example if identifying it from the file name was critical. That could mean the 2nd 7D MK II body and you have 6 digits worth of photos.
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Apr 3, 2013
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Hi Ronald.
The 7DIIs (along with many other Canon cameras) come with unique image prefix letters, no more IMG.1234 I can tell images from my 7DII easily from the ABCD1234 where my 1DsIII has WXYZ1234.
Benny’s suggestion might be the best for you, RBOA and RBOB.

Cheers, Graham.
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