Finally, Apple's Sierra 10.12.2 has un update for Photos!

Dec 27, 2011
Good to know, as the MkIV just arrived. I have been weaning my way off Aperture, and onto Lightroom for months and months since the no supprt email. I can produce with Lightroom, but am still quicker with Aperture probably because I learned it first.

Can an agin, Canine-American learn new feats of illusion and dexterity? Well, Yes! But, it takes a little tyme, eh? :)


I'm New Here
Oct 30, 2016
Unfortunately, the 10.12.2 update just turned my imac into a black monitor of nothingness. i had to boot into revovery mode and restore from Time Machine to get back running. I'd suggest for folks to hold off a few days before updating.