Five new EF-M lenses for the EOS M lineup coming? [CR1]


Jan 16, 2019
I'd buy the Sigma 16mm f/1.4, but I've heard the lens might need calibration.
I've also heard of Sigma lenses so far out of adjustment that they can't be calibrated.
If I had a tech who I trusted to calibrate it, it would fine, but I don't...

Sorry to spread rumors. Google for "sigma calibration" if you want sources.

So it would be great if Canon made a 15mm !
Do Canon lenses ever require calibration straight out of the box ?
Calibration for what? I think you refer to DSLR lenses because mirrorless lenses don't need AF adjustment or calibration.


EOS M5 | Sony A7
Jan 26, 2019
Does this mean an APS-C EOS R just got a lot less likely?
There was never any real prospects of an APS-C EOS R. Canon could but won't make one.
It's something the internet keeps talking about, but Canon representatives explicitly said at the launch of the RF mount that it is designed for Full Frame glass and will replace EF going forward.