Flash for M5


Apr 3, 2013
Isle of Wight
Hi Alex.
I looked at these before, beautifully engineered and constructed, but reflected in the price. I'm sure if you are making money from it or you can't manage without it for your intended subjects it is easy to justify, for me, not so much! :)

Cheers, Graham.

Alex_M said:

Thank you, Sir! Yes, big difference. Here is link to the product photo in case you wanted to take a look at what it is.
I am very happy with it's performance so far.



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Dec 2, 2016
I got my M5 today so been playing to see what works and doesn't , My Nissan and yongnuo flash work fine camera mounted ( but there a bit big !) My Godox x1c TTL are not found by the camera , I have loaded the latest firm updated V18 but not found ( works on my 6d no issue ) so hope there will be a Godox firm update soon , I use godox as my main lighting platform , That said the M5 is mainly my back up camera and I'll most likely use the 6d in all situation where I'm lugging all my lights around.


Nov 19, 2016
troy19 said:

I ordered an M5 and need a small and lightweight speedlite. Owning a 600rt I guess this como would be way missbalanced. So my idea was to use the 600 off shoe, pointing to the wall or ceiling and to trigger it with a small on shoe flash like 270exii but that has no master function and no radio connection, right?

So the only option is 430ex iii rt ?

The data:
270ex ii is 155g + 2 batteries
430ex iii rt is 295g + 4 batteries

Another possibility is to get a Speedlite Transmitter ST–E3–RT, but that would cut the ability of fill in flash for portraits.

Any other options? Or wait for Canon to make a 270ex iii rt ?
Hello troy19,

I just tested my set of Yongnuo YN-622C ETTL Transceivers together witm my M5 and my Speedlite 580EXII.
This combination works pretty fine (ETTL, M, 2nd curtain, HSS). Even the additional 90EX ontop of the Transceiver on the camera contributes to the flash exposure.
This is what the combination M5 with Transceiver and 90EX looks like:

I do not find this combination too unbalanced, but it is maybe too much of a hassle for you to buy further triggers. Don't even know if the 600EX-RT is compatible with the YN622C and if it works the RT functionality of the 600EX-RT is wasted somehow.



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Dec 2, 2016
Just tested my M5 with my Youngnuo 622 triggers and all speed lights works fine , All Groups and power settings in the canon camera menu can be accessed to control all the functions as usual , My Godox xc1 do not work at all so I guess I will have to wait for a firm wear ( current V18 ) update for them to catch up which I hope they will do fairly soon , I will prob use the M5 for quick portable shoots with my speed lights and use my Godox ad600s for shoots where I need to be less mobile and Im using my Canon 6D and my main lenses but I will be very happy when the update is released to I have all options open. ( I may roll back the drivers on the xc1 to see if an early version works )
If i have success I will post it up


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Dec 2, 2016
Update re M5 and Godox x1tc triggers Ive updated with V19 on the software released yesterday still not working , As a big fan of godox slightly disappointing that they have ignored 3 e-mails asking them to verify if they have this update in development , In the mean time I'm using the youngnuo 622c triggers to fire my speed lights which all work fine .