Giveaway: Grand prize is a Canon EOS R camera body!

Jul 20, 2010
The Canon EOS R giveaway sponsored by Canon Rumors with the help of our exclusive affiliate partner Adorama is now live! The grand prize will be a Canon EOS R camera body, along with some extra prizes if you qualify (it’s easy) or finish in second place.
This is a simple giveaway, just your name and email are required, but you can earn more “entries” by the usual social media sharing or by preordering anything related to the EOS R at our exclusive affiliate partner Adorama.
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Some additional information:

The contest is open to any resident of a country Adorama ships to, you can see the qualifying countries here.
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Hi there, welcome from an ePhotozine fan. 6D
Jul 22, 2010
London & Woking
If you forward it to your photo buddies at work, And you all access the net through the same gateway - you may be warned about multiple entries - They say, Don't worry this is not an issue.
I guess this would be the case for photo families that share the same broadband connection.