Got GAS. Streamlining equipment, buying deals, future prices and equipment...


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Aug 24, 2014
Got a 6D that I adore, a 7D2 and 3 (yes, three) EOS-M mk1's. Had a T5i that I gave to my 18 year old daughter. Also have a college son who I've given one of the EOS-M's that he likes well enough.

Okay, so I have GAS and want get something. Should I get 5Ds-R for $2999 or 6D back-up for $1099 (with spare printer etc.

The USD is down 7% over the last 3 months, but the Yen is likely to get creamed in the next year or two also, as debt crushes the Japanese economy. Canon prices go up or down in the next 18 months?

Should I sell the sort of cute little EOS-M's for whatever I can get for them, or keep them for whatever reason (loaning to employee's friends, or whatever).

Wondering if the 5DsR is $2000 better than the 6D for general photo, portrait, and landscape? I've taken maybe 10,000-20,000 shots with the 6D. How long will it last?


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Oct 4, 2011
...take a photo-shooting vacation.
sure, new gear/toys are great, but is it indeed the equipment that is holding you back?
the 5Dsr will give you far more pixels for printing. Me, I would rather spend in glass, or in a trip of a lifetime to that spot one want to go, but the family refuses to be dragged to .... :)

if anything wait for the new 6DII, since you like to ergonomics and overall functionality
I wouldn't bet on market fluctuations to make gear purchase - unless you buying in outside the country and it can become a killer deal (even without warranty)
you still have to M left - are you using them at all? No? sell, or give them away/donate
Yes, the 5Dsr can be used daily, but research a bit more - it's more demanding on the photographer, although, will make great glass shine.

but, in the end, it's your decision and your money - I always make a list of pro's and con's when debating on an expensive new piece of gear


Texas Not Taxes.
Aug 24, 2014
Agree about the vacation and the glass. But, I own a couple businesses (that own me) so vacay's are few and far between. Have to make the best of local forays and staycations. And, I've got just about every Canon 'L' lens you can own from 8-15 to 600mm. So the only thing left is more pixels or waiting a year for the next generation of stuff to come out.

Comparison article. The main thing is whether the improvement is justified by the $2000+. Judgement call...


one eye; one shot - multiple misses
Oct 4, 2011
then it comes down to what you need right now - do you need to print large prints in high resolution?
it's a tool - and produces results

I just returned a 5Dsr from CPS, but have no experience with a 6D.
In the end, I would not trade my 1Dx for the 5Dsr, but I am considering upgrading my wife's 5DII with the 6D.
Took me a while to do decide upgrade to the 1Dx from a 1DsmkIII, but as I am getting a bit more into action shots and nightscapes, it ended making sense. Otherwise I would kept on shooting with the 1DsmkIII.

What I have found with the 5Dsr, is that the camera is way less forgiving regarding small setup mistakes - I read about the claimed mirror vibration issues at lower speeds with longer focal lenses i.e shooting at1/100 with a 200mm, and if your holding technique gets sloppy, it will show very fast.

ps: the viewfinder leveling indicator is much nicer than in previous Canon models and the shutter sound is really lo, but that's the opinion from a guy shooting with 1D bodies ;D


Sep 14, 2011
Get the 5DsR, you've got the glass to make it shine, and if you use the correct techniques (for example 1/3x focal length) you'll get different shots, that even shrunk down will be amazing. Give it a few months of use and decide if you want the resolution or want to get the mk IV.

I had the same debate, and getting a 3 year old camera isn't the answer.

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Mar 25, 2011
Camera prices cycle with the season. Prices go up in may and drop in the fall and winter. Generally, the best time to buy is in Sept-January, particularly around Black Friday.

However, if you know what you want, and are patient, you will likely find a flash sale.

Canon is going to put even more restrictions on their MAP pricing to try and stop the combo deals from giving low prices. Starting May 1, a combo deal cannot be less than camera msrp after the rebate.

So grab the 5Ds deal now or wait until black Friday.


Feb 16, 2016
The 5DSR sensor is marginally better than the 6D, I doubt its very noticable. However, there is a huge jump in AF and mpix. If you are a pixel peeper and want to push your glass to new limits, thats the way Id go (and probably will go by next season)

Also the 6D shutter is rated to 100,000 actuations. Im at 40k now and probably be around 60k when I upgrade in about a year. I wouldnt worry about it for quite a while. Im different in that I shoot wildlife and action (in addition to landscape, flowers etc) with the 6D. The AF and shutter speed yields a particularly low keeper rate and thus the burning through frames.


Jul 28, 2015
So you've got the 7D2 for action/wildlife, the 6D for landscapes and at 20,000 shots the 6D has a loads of life left in it yet. I presume nothing wrong with either and this is (as the title suggests) pure self-indulgent GAS (nothing wrong with that, either.....says I ::).

So I would ask how badly do you need a new printer? If no, get the 5DSR which will give you more options on cropping etc
Or go the whole hog and get a 1Dx to replace the 7D2?


Texas Not Taxes.
Aug 24, 2014
Thanks for the thoughtful, civilized replies.
I'm really am generally quite pleased with the 6D, it takes the best pictures of any camera I have ever owned, including my old Konica Hexanon lenses with Kodachrome 25 slide film. I guess I just wish for more pixels, better focus, and once in a great while faster frame rate. But, really, it's a pretty darn good camera.
Just wish for the ultimate camera at a reasonable price. I'm getting to the age where I'm probably not gonna get back to certain places too many times more, if ever. Would like to have effing National Geographic quality pics, to the limits of my ability. Have got $25k (or more) invested in glass, so, just wish there was ONE MORE generation out there. The NEXT generation 5DsR, I guess.... ;D
Thanks again.