Has anyone used third party lenses on an EOS R yet?

Kit Lens Jockey

Nov 12, 2016
I forget if I've seen a video where someone tried this or not, but does anyone know if third party lenses have been tested on the EOS R yet? I would hope that anything that works on a current camera would work on the EOS R with an adapter, but it'd be nice to know this for sure.

Mt Spokane Photography

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Mar 25, 2011
Most should work, but Sigma lenses have a habit of not working on new models due to faulty reverse engineering. I think that pattern will continue. The only people with EOS R cameras will have loans from Canon, and they will likely be prohibited from reporting on 3rd party lenses.


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Aug 14, 2018
Hy all
Regarding this aspect i see only one video made by Tony & Chelsea about Canon R
Here is the video.
He use Sigma 18-35 f1.8 art for 4k video.
Watch the video...he explain that the camera enter in auto mod crop attaching the ef-s lens.
The quality of the video is very very good with the sigma art.
I think 4k on canon R is more or less a super35...not bad at all.
Beeing able to use fast lenses such as sigma art 14mm f1. 8 or canon 20mm f2.8 or 28mm f1.8 it is very good.
Hope it helps