HELP for shooting ice rink ASAP!!!!


Canonet QL17 GIII
Sep 22, 2012
St. Paul, MN
enice128 said:
First off, i would like to thank everyone for their input & advice (Northstar especially for asking lol)! It actually went better & easier than i thought it would but for some reason pretty much everybody who posted in response to my question gave their input for shooting action such as in AI Servo mode...even though i could have sworn i mentioned i would be taking still photos for an engagement shoot! But i am still very appreciative & will definitely refer back to the tips when the moment arises since i love the sport of hockey...both playing & photographing! I will post the link on my website to the photos when they are all edited & uploaded in a couple of days or so. It's pretty cool since the groom is a friend of mine & wanted these photos for his weeding announcement & "save the date" photos as well as for his huge sign-in board at his actual wedding!
Funny, I read your post a few times and read "engagement" as "I was engaged to shoot" not a wedding engagement. I guess I was so predisposed to link ice rink with figure skating or hockey, I didn't make the link between "engagement" and "wedding". Anyway, glad it went well!!