Here are a few images of the upcoming Zeiss Otus 100mm f/1.4

Jul 20, 2010
Sep 4, 2012
Otus line has unmatched build quality, but optics are matched or, in some cases slightly exceeded by Sigma Art series. Certainly not exceeded in price.
No IS, no AF - bad lens ... just kidding!
Overall IQ will be stellar, price, weight and size too.

I am with Maximilian concerning the price: 5000 ... 5500 EUR
weight: 1.5 kg
size: ca. 100 diam. x 150mm length
from what I guess looking at the photos.

Maybe Canon will release an adaptor for the EOS R system which can change
its length by +- 2mm: You are doing the long way with MF and the camera
makes the fine adjustments via the adapter? Would nice to have but adds another
500 EUR 700 EUR for the adapter which has to move strong loads with precision ...
Sep 4, 2012
Really? I have all the Otus lenses and used the Sigma art series . They don't even compare when it comes to color, micro contrast and sharpness!
Without objective measurements it is difficult to distinguish resolution differences between two lens that are both extremely sharp. But check out the lenstip review site and compare the Otus 85mm with the 85mm Art. Very comparable resolution with a slight edge going to the Art lens. Again, this is not anything you would see when using either lens, but you certainly would see the price difference when purchasing. The edge in color and micro contrast does go to the Otus, but not big differences there either.
Aug 7, 2018
At 100mm and f/1.4 the depth of field is so shallow that you basically have to "fix" your model (e.g. make it lean with her head against the wall) as the lens does not have autofocus. Many reviews said that hitting the focus is the biggest problem of the 85mm f/1.4. IF you hit it, you get the best image quality possible, but that is a big "if". Expecially if you use that lens of a DSLR which does not have the ability to show you which areas of the photo are in focus. For those lenses you need a camera that automatically takes the shot once the eyes are in focus.