Here are the first images and specifications of the Canon EOS R and the new RF mount lenses

Tom W

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Sep 5, 2012
Very interesting. It's all about the sensor. Always is these days, but if it's of the newer generation improvements, like the 80D was over the 70D, then it will be a gem.
I'm kind of digging it so far.


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Dec 31, 2014
Whats going on with the 100-400L II image? Is that the 2x TC stacked on one of the RF-EF adapters?

This thing is..... a pleasant surprise! -6EV?! That's night vision. Flip out screen?! NICE. It's actually a pretty small camera, but with a deep grip! New lens design language is a nice blend of sleek modern with some of the classic EF lens look.

30.3MP sensor... the 5D IV is listed at 30.4MP. Should be a new sensor then, right?


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Aug 16, 2012
Grip is smaller than I'd like (say Rebel sized) but thank goodness there is finger space for room between the grip and bigger lenses. A+ there, Sony and Nikon both ruined it there.

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Sep 1, 2018
Looks like a very comfortable camera to hold and operate and very lightweight at 580g. Not a very pretty looking camera but who cares. The part where Canon really kills Nikon is with those lenses, impressive lens selection to start with. Will it have IBIS though, I don't think so.. they will save that for Mark II


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Aug 15, 2014
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Control wheel = RIP. Thought it might survive, but I guess the tilty-flippy needed some of that room.

Cards = Unknown. Looks SD sized, but how many = TBD

FPS unknown

IBIS unknown

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I'm thinking we gotta have IBIS here and while I'm hoping for Cfast2, I'm pretty sure I ain't gonna get it. I haven't used SD cards in a while, but if the newer ones can keep up with the read/write speeds, I'm good with that. I just prefer a more robust card (structurally) SD cards make me too nervous with their small size and generally flimsy nature
Can we have:
- 4K60
- 10bit HLG (a way to record proper HDR)
- Dual SD UHS-II card slots
- Extremely Good IBIS
- Unlimted recording (nah 30min video limit is not ok (30min tax ends end of year in Europe anyway))

And stuff I'd like too but I never see anyone else ask about:
- H265 options for all framerates and resolutions (half bitrate, same quality, faster for YouTube 4K uploading)
- Wi-Fi multi-camera live editing on the touch-screen (for example you have any phone or a gopro like wifi camera pointing at yourself which you can switch to once in a while during the interview. Or switching to another Canon R camera during interview. Or switching among several cameras while live streaming sports or concert.)
- Wi-Fi and Type-C Ethernet and Type-C LTE dongles with bonding for reliable live streaming directly from camera
- Built-in wireless microphone receiving in camera. Whatever the wireless technology. Could also be wireless microphones that later sync the audio automatically over Type-C or over Wi-Fi direct in one-click with each audio track that can be adjusted in camera and video file saved.
- In-camera basic video editing. Use phone or tablet to have a larger UI when editing in-camera. Rendering the edits at faster than real-time.
- Type-C to SSD/HDD backups and live recording.
- 4x SD cards RAID in grip to expand storage and backup.
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Aug 30, 2018
Zooms seem to have 3 rings and 50 has 2?

Maybe can adjust some parameters from the lens like Samsung and Nikon Z.


Jun 9, 2016
Is this really going to be their entry level mirrorless for 1,900??? I thought their more pro version would have the same resolution as their 5d4. If this is their entry level camera, consider me sold.


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Jul 30, 2018
EF/R Adapter doesn't look as thick as the EF/EFM ... wonder if the flange distance is in the 20s....